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A Scavenger Hunt and… JUNK FOOD DAY!

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Hey there!

Guess what today is?! JUNK FOOD DAY!! For days now the conspiracy theories about when Junk Food Day will happen have been buzzing around camp. Today was finally the day! At breakfast there were trays of donuts and poptarts! At lunch we devoured hot dogs, oreos and cheetos. The energy around here is wild right now. As I’m sure you can all imagine!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. What about last night’s evening program? Oh let me tell you! It was a new one and it was a hit! Last night everyone engaged in a scavenger hunt around camp. Cabins traveled together to places like the treehouse, the End of the World, Meg’s Planet and many more! The AWACs and Community campers were waiting at the locations ready with a challenge for the cabins to complete! At the end of the night we all gathered back together and had a special package delivery to each cabin…! Inside of each cabin’s package was a STASH OF CANDY! Seems like perhaps this was a bit of foreshadowing for today’s Junk Food Day?!

Man oh man is it a good time around here! Don’t forget to check out those photos!

Over and out-

Sadie the Llama

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