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A Not So Lazy Day! Electives, Grossness, Bowling, and More!

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Gross Day crew!

Good afternoon, Olive Oyl here with some news for you on this lovely Lazy Day.

We had an awesome night last night with electives. We might have even broken our record with the number of activities offered! There was capture the flag (of course), tipi zip splatter painting, glass beads, survival lanyards, tie dye tiles in glass fusing, nature art, a post-it party, an escape room in the Yurt run by our Community campers, a kitten & bunny obstacle course, soap making, linoprinting, embroidery and patch making, a flash mob (which we got to see performed at the end of the evening in the Rec Hall), a llama trek, a dance party, mandala drawing and tea party, pom-pom making, improv games, and of course, Peter’s forbidden tour. Phew! What a night. After all the evening’s festivities, we gathered together in the Rec Hall and recounted tales of capture the flag, got to witness a flash mob, and sang a few camp songs before bed.

We woke up this morning to delicious egg sandwiches on croissants, while the older half headed off to Glow Bowling and the younger half stuck around for Gross Day. And what a day it was! There was shaving cream hairdos, a gross obstacle course, condiment twister, a gross slip n’ slide that turned not gross, duck duck splash with colored water, mentos science, and a slimy water balloon toss. After all that madness, we judged each other’s grossness, hosed off, and filled our bellies with yummy lunch. Both halves enjoyed a nice long rest period and cabin clean this afternoon before pool activities for the younger half and backyard hangout time for the older half.

We’re about to head into dinner (Mexican night, yes!!!) and then enjoy an evening of interactive music and storytelling with Antonio Roca. We can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow.

For now, check out all the awesome photos and stay tuned for more news tomorrow!


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