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A message from Peter and Meg, and the PLAY!!!

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

Happy Saturday, everyone!! Hummingbird here! Before we get to our recap of the day, here’s a word from Peter and Meg!!

First off, please take a look at a travel reminder coming your way via email for the TRIP HOME ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 15.

And some reflections on the summer…

Reading the blog and watching our highlight videos, you are now aware of the tremendous effort that staff put into community activities at HVC.  These events are fabulous and fun, nearly impossible to produce outside the world of camp, and – in the absence of the “color war” activities at more traditional camps – enhance our efforts to create a meaningful, positive group life here. We have long believed that these positive community experiences – taken back in to the “real world” – are an ideal for young people to aspire to in their daily lives.

Even more importantly, we see so much individual growth here. Some campers are spending their 6th or 7th summers at HVC and not only are they taller, but these children have truly become themselves, making contributions all over camp, acting as role models and demonstrating that values of love, friendship and mutual support can truly be brought to life. And our brave new campers have shown that they too can make contributions – as together we build “family” life in the cabins, learn skills in every corner of camp, etc. – while establishing creative independent identities away from home.

So, there you have it…  Independence and Interdependence, both at once!  Our thanks go out to counselors and instructors who have set the stage for so much success. And hats off to our campers, a truly generous, comfortable and open-minded group, always thinking outside the box, but not too far!  

With appreciation for the part parents play and best to all…
Meg & Peter

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!! It’s a little breezy here in the Valley today and campers are basking in the sunshine and the (much welcome) slighty cooler weather! It’s a gorgeous day to get back to business after yesterday’s shenanigans!

Last night was the play, Check Please! The play was a four week class that campers got to sign up for waaaaaay back on Orientation Day! Golly, that feels like a lifetime and a half ago doesn’t it?! Those campers who chose to sign up for the play that day a million years ago have been working hard ever since to put together something SPECTACULAR!! And guess what…. THEY DID IT!! We laughed, we cried, we asked for the check please, and one of our very own llamas made her stage debut live in front of the whole camp!! She was a star, as were all our camper actors and actresses! Take a look at the photos below!

And speaking of camper performers, in addition to the play last night we also saw some more acts from Valleyfest! We have SO much talent here that it can’t be contained in just one evening program, we have to split it up so the camp doesn’t explode from talent and applause!! Check out photos from Valleyfest Part Two!!

And that’s not all the talent we have to share with you! Coming up in the next few days we’ll be watching the musical, and we’ll enjoy Sharing Night!! There will be so many opportunities for campers to share their talents with everybody… can you think of a better way to celebrate this spectacular community, than by watching our campers shine?? I can’t!! Stay tuned for all of it!!

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