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A Marvelous Meg’s Rodeo and a Thrilling Third Day of Classes!

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Haley’s Comet enjoying Meg’s Rodeo!

Greetings, camp compadres! It’s Cara B. with an update on this beautiful sunshine-y day.

Yesterday during evening meeting, campers from Aya’s interest group told the camp of their latest candy drop conspiracies. The candy drop is definitely on Saturday, they said. This was because of a number of clues involving the number four (yesterday, Saturday was four days away), and because there was an AWAC photo on the signpost sign for “Saturn” covering only the “urn” portion, hinting that “Sat” is the day of the candy drop. The team predicted that the picture of the AWACs on the AWAC shack window that had been ripped into four pieces would join together each day, forming a whole, completed picture on candy drop day. Only time will tell…

After a delicious dinner of burgers and fries with all the fix-ins, we gathered on Deer Meadow’s field for Meg’s Rodeo! Campers traveled in cabin groups around the field through tons of awesome activities. There was an obstacle course, a water balloon toss, dizzy bat, booty box, blind llama sculpting (3D pictionary using clay!), rock tree bridge, charade brigade, and a new activity called thief and sheriff involving blindfolds and a tambourine! It was so much fun. Once cabin groups had rotated through each activity, we gathered on the hill to watch the counselor wake up challenge! Each cabin nominated a counselor or AWAC to participate. The challengers had to hop in their “sleeping bags,” put on their clothes for the day, eat their breakfast of cereal without using their hands, recite the alphabet backwards, and then get back in bed. In the end, AWACs Katie and Talia emerged victorious!

This morning, the conspiracy predictions are proving correct so far! The AWAC photo on the window of the AWAC shack is now in three pieces instead of two. Is it true?? Is the candy drop really three days away!?!? All of the questioning was put on hold when we entered the dining hall to find an amazing egg bar breakfast featuring hash browns and an avocado bruschetta- yum! At the end of morning meet, Forbidden Planet summoned the spirit of protesters to protest the way-too-long egg bar line saying “hey hey, ho ho, egg bar line has got to go!” It sure made us chuckle! Afterwards, we headed off for the third day of classes! Camp is really in full swing. Campers are hard at work on different art projects, the soccer and basketball teams are preparing for their big games at the end of the session, and campers in the play and the musical just received their roles. Everyone is mastering their way around camp and getting to know one another better

Tonight, the evening program is electives! Campers will get to choose whatever activity they wish to do for the night from the options being offered by different counselors- awesome! Additionally, tomorrow is our first lazy day of the session! Stay tuned for an update from Mama Iguana to hear all about it. For now, enjoy photos from classes and Meg’s Rodeo.


Cara B. Ner

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