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A Magical Day at Camp and Beyond!

Thursday, July 2nd, 2015
Herbology at the planet!

Herbology at the planet!

Hello, friends! Olive Oyl here with your Trip/Lazy day news!

First off, we had a fantastic evening last night with our very first electives! We had a whole bunch of fun activities happening all over camp. There was a group writing their own musical, some cookie baking, tie-dye, a scavenger hunt (that ended in hot cocoa!), a pool party, and rounders (a British game similar to baseball). If that wasn’t enough, there was also a creek walk, glass beads, Capture the Flag, an HVC electives classic, a dip in the hot tub, glass fusing, Shrine-making on the lake path (hosted by our Community campers), wind spinners in the wood shop, creative writing, and finally, PK’s secret Hidden Valley tour, where campers got to go on the roof of the dining hall and see our dwindling stock pile of snow.

The older half just came back to camp after a fabulous day at the beach. There was swimming (of course), beach art, card games, frisbee, soccer, and a jam circle. The older half are now back in their cabins enjoying a rest period and cleaning up for cabin inspections! We’ll find out the results tonight at evening meeting…

The younger half has been enjoying the day here at camp with Harry Potter day! We had a late wake up, a yummy breakfast of croissant sandwiches, and cabin clean in the morning before getting started on our activities. There was a wide range of Potter-themed activities, like Quidditch, How to Speak Like Harry (learning British accents), Potion making, Ravenclaw riddles, Care of Magical Creatures at the Animal Barn, the Tri-Wizard Obstacle Course, Herbology at Meg’s Planet, and finally, and very importantly, wand making. The campers had a blast getting to experience Hidden Valley’s own Hogwarts for the day. We then chowed down on lunch before heading back to our cabins for rest period before pool activities. Campers are currently soaking up the sun (safely, with lots of sunscreen!), going for a dip in the pool, reading their books, playing music, and going for a ride on the slip n’ slide.

We’ll all join together shortly for evening meeting where we’ll catch up on the other half’s day, hear all about cabin inspections, and get excited for tonight’s evening program, Kim and Reggie! Some cabins have already been doing workshops with the fabulous duo this afternoon and we can’t wait to see what they have prepared for us!

Meanwhile, campers have been noticing some stray candy wrappers and incriminating AWAC photos around camp and have been developing their own candy drop suspicions…Until that fateful whir of the airplane engine, we’re enjoying the last few hours of sunshine before our wonderful evening ahead! Be sure to check out lots of photos below!

Lots of love,



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