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A Lazy Day & Odes to Ben Stiller!!!

Monday, July 1st, 2019

HAPPY MONDAY HVC!!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here with some super duper cool updates!!

Yesterday afternoon the campers in HVA went ROCK CLIMBING!!!! They learned all about the art of belaying and had a really amazing time! Check out the pictures below 🙂 Later in the night, we watched the staff talent show and WOW we have some REALLY TALENTED STAFF!!! 🙂 Some of the acts included a hair braiding competition, a rock-paper-scissors battle, some really beautiful singing, and the lifeguards put on an incredible rendition of an Ariana Grande song!! Check out the incredible pictures below.

Today was our second lazy day of the session!!! The older half went to the beach and the younger half stayed on camp for the Night at the Museum/Odes to Ben Stiller Day!!! At the beach, the older half enjoyed swimming in the lake with friends, playing card games and reading, making friendship bracelets, and so much more!! Back at camp, the younger half decoded ancient runes, wrote letters from the Morgue as an ode to Ben Stiller, had a dinosaur egg and spoon race, and recreated famous paintings!! 🙂 Check out the pictures below!!!

Both the older and younger cabins participated in cabin inspections and awards are coming soon!!!! Stay tuned for some more updates because tonight campers get to enjoy a special performance from Antonio Rocca!!!! 🙂

I’ve got some candy drop conspiracy theories to write!!



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