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A Fabulous First Day of Classes!

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Morning meeting in the Rec Hall!

Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! It’s me Cara B., and boy, am I excited- It’s the first day of classes!

Last night, we had an amazing Pine Grove, full of lots of silly songs sung by different cabin groups. Wombles led us in “The Jellyfish,” a camp classic. Taj Mahal sang a fun medley of a few different songs. Atlantis sang “Wagon Wheel,” Shangri-La did “Hermie the worm,” Peter and Sam O. led us in “Ayo-Bo-Diddly-Bop,” and LCH did a special version of the penguin song involving chickens to go along with their cabin theme! We ended the night with “Oh How Lovely is the Evening” led by Peter, Meg and Elise- it was such a pretty and peaceful way to end the night!

Once cabin groups were dismissed, many campers took the opportunity to run up and down Tipi Hill to release all their energy before heading to bed. It was super fun- I even saw some counselors who couldn’t resist running along. After a good night’s rest, we woke up to the ultimate first-day-of-classes breakfast- EGG BAR!! There was fresh fruit, toast, cereal, and sausages too. There was even hot cocoa to help warm up from the slightly shvitzy morning.

Adorned in rain coats and boots, we headed over to the Rec Hall to stay dry during morning meeting.  We said goodbye to HVA group who headed off on their first adventure- a canoe trip! We can’t wait to hear all about it when they return later this week. At meeting, the birthday bee announced today’s birthday, the laundry deter-agent reported which cabins will be getting their laundry done, and we learned the new interest groups song! Interest groups is the last period of the day where campers can do whatever activity they choose. The options are presented every morning at meeting and change each day!

Once meeting was over, we headed off for the first day of classes! I already heard some campers conspiring about when the candy drop will be… Right now, campers are enjoying all different types of classes. There are lots of new classes, like “Lab Rats,” a science experiment class, “It’s All Natural,” where campers will make home and cosmetic products made from natural ingredients, “The Big Question,” where campers can ponder all of life’s mysteries, and a meditation and mindfulness class. There are also a ton of classic classes, like screen printing, stained glass, paddle boarding, soccer fun, tennis, glass beads, dance, painting, llama and animal care, and more! I can’t wait to hear all about the classes that everyone is taking!

Lunch will be held inside instead of our normal picnic-style so that we can stay nice and dry. There will be grilled cheese and tomato soup- the perfect shvitzy day lunch. Luckily, the weather will clear up later today and the rest of the week will be warm and sunny- woohoo! After lunch, we will have fourth period and interest groups, featuring letter writing, basketball, friendship bracelet making, magic (the card game,) in the red barn, llama love song writing, and more! Tonight is cabin night, one of Mama Iguana and I’s all time favorite evening programs. Each cabin will do a special activity with their cabin group. We are so psyched to hear about what everyone gets up to! We’ll be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow.

That’s all for now! Enjoy some photos from breakfast and morning meeting.

Best wishes,

Cara B. Ner

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