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A Dip in the Lake!

Friday, May 29th, 2015
Awesome edited shot of folks working down at the lake!

Awesome edited shot of staff working down at the lake!

Hey there, folks! Olive Oyl here with some pre-camp news for you!

Today was an exciting day as we set up the docks in the lake, which is a huge and vital camp-prep job. We had a beautiful sunny morning to take a trip down to the lake and cool off in the water. Even though there’s only a small crew on camp at the moment, we had all hands on deck (ha ha!) to get the job done. We also did some odds and ends down at the lake, like hauling wood and prepping the area for camper arrival.

it was also a busy day for our horse folks, who got four horses today (the rest are coming next week) and have been enjoying the lovely riding weather. There’ll be a lot more excitement next week as more lifeguard, ropes, and horse staff arrive and start their area trainings.

Lots of work is still underway with our new buildings on camp, the Buckhorn and the new glass blowing studio by the Foothills. We can’t wait for staff to keep trickling in as we continue to prepare camp for the summer ahead!

I’m signing off for the next couple of days, but stayed tuned next week for lots of updates on our horse, waterfront, and ropes areas as training and setup begin!

Lots of love,


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