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A Classes Day and Cabin Night

Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

How’s it hanging HVC Families,

Our campers’ first classes went incredibly well yesterday. From woodworking to tennis to animal care, campers enjoyed getting to explore old and new interests alike.

After a fantastic dinner, campers spent the night with their cabins for their first cabin night of the session.

Cabin nights are one of my favorites, because each cabin does a different activity and I get to roam to all of them. Yesterday, I visited the hill zip with Taj Mahal, tie dye with Fiddler’s Green and s’mores with Halley’s Comet all in one night.

It’s a wonderful feeling to watch all of the cabins get to know each other and spend time bonding at the beginning of what is going to be a great session.

Today, campers had their first Lazy Day. In the morning, the younger and middle half cabins (except Camelot) headed to the movie theater in Belfast to watch “Minions” at the movie theater.

Meanwhile, older half(and Camelot), who will visit the movies later in the session, remained on camp for an “Adulting 101” lazy day. Campers were tasked with visiting every station, including apartment furnishing, budgeting, getting to work, laundry, job interviews, and taxes. When they completed the humorous and entertaining activities at each, they headed to the final station where, if they completed the task, they were deemed a “complete adult.”

The top 2 cabins with the most complete adults will receive a special surprise at evening program, when the winners will be announced.

This afternoon, after getting their cabins inspected by our silly inspectors, campers headed to the pool, where they will hang out until dinner and heading to evening program.

Evening program today is what is bound to be an unforgettable performance from folk duo Kim and Reggie Harris! Campers will get to enjoy a lovely evening filled with music before another day of classes tomorrow.

All of this talk about live music has me reminiscing about when I used to be in a band of my own. After a brief spike in streams on GroundCloud, my gopher band unfortunately dug itself right into the ground.

Not to worry, though. There’s always time for a revival, and I’m sure Kim and Reggie may be just the inspiration we need to band back together and give our music career another go(pher).


Gopher Girl


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