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Wednesday, July 5th, 2023

Morning all!

We’re ecstatic that the sun is finally out!

Yesterday we enjoyed a top-notch Lazy Day featuring international-themed ‘Around the World’ activities (think gaelic football, trivia and map-making!) in the morning followed by a leisurely outdoor lunch. Rest period was excitingly interrupted by cabin inspections: this time, courtesy of in-character duos in search of an ideal wedding venue and burial plot.

In the afternoon, campers braved a brief energetic shvitz poolside and were quickly rewarded by cleared skies and tremendous fun splashing around, playing games, reading, friendship bracelet-making and simply hanging out in the grass. (See photos below!)

After a memorable dinner of delicious pizza and special fourth of July cake, campers gathered in younger and older-half groups to enjoy captivating screenings of the movies Inside Out and Hidden Figures.

In the meantime, we’ve been diving into our seventh day of classes today and getting pumped for electives tonight…

Signing off (for now!),

H. V. Scribe 

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