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7/13 was a WIN!

Friday, July 14th, 2023

Hey what’s up!

Yesterday, we had a blast at the soccer field during interest groups for the classic, epic and iconic Camper Vs. Counselor Soccer Game!!

Those not in contact with the ball itself had a ball nevertheless feasting on hot-dogs, cheering on their friends and doing activities like face-painting and friendship-bracelet-making.

The final score was (*drum roll please*) 4-2 campers counselors! The counselors tried to make a comeback, but the mighty campers prevailed.

In the evening, we continued the fun with Electives! The variety was tremendous as usual with two concurrent games of Capture the Flag for the younger and older halves alongside activities like campfire cooking, costume parade, glass blowing, poetry night and spa night.

Today at morning meeting, our Interest Group resident pirate SnackBeard, who appears daily equipped with his outfit and relevant message in tow, was kindly gifted snacks of his own – specifically apple sauce, spam, chips, and seltzer – by a handful of sympathetic campers. There was one jolly pirate!

Tonight after our sixth day of classes, we’re pumped for Valley Fest Part II!! Looking further ahead, tomorrow we’ll enjoy the final Lazy Day of the session with something super-fun in store – more details soon!

Signing off, 

H.V. Scribe



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