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4 More Days, 3 Fiddlers, 2 Donkeys, and 1 Excited Staff

Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

What’s up HVC families?


Arrival day is almost here and staff are busier than ever preparing for Saturday!


Speaking of arrivals, HVC welcomed two new donkeys to camp this week, named Maisie and Pearl.



Staff also got the opportunity to climb the ropes course. Each group started with team building exercises, before heading out to the low ropes to the leap of faith and climbing wall before heading to high ropes later in the day. 


I overheard a counselor ask ropes director Kelsey how she began working in high ropes. Kelsey’s response – “I got roped into it.”


You can always count on the ropes staff for a safe and unforgettable adventure. I could hear the biplane crew yelling “Zip away” all the way from my den by the basketball course. 


Be-layter, staff received their cabin assignments and moved into their new cabins. Co-counselors are working hard to come up with cabin schedules and cabin night activities. 


Tonight, shift leads Eva and Becca have organized HVC’s staff talent show. 


I could really go-pher a front seat and a bucket of leafy greens, but I’ll have to sneak my way in or raid the costume closet and dress up like Hank, everyone’s favorite bow-tie-wearing dog so I’m not escorted out. 


This past week, HVC also welcomed a performance from a local Contra Dance band. Staff lined up to line-dance the night away to the sound of three generations of fiddlers. 




In all of this preparation, it’s important for staff to take care of themselves. For fun, counselors traveled to Camden Hills State Park for a midday picnic, followed by the afternoon off. Staff have also enjoyed some self-care time. To relax, some have taken to camping, reading, napping, and getting some exercise. 




Speaking of exercise, it’s time for me to go-pher a run, so I’ll catch you later. 



Go-pher Girl

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