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Unpacking the details of Packing Day

Wednesday, July 20th, 2022

What’s good HVC Families,

Yesterday was an all-around success. With a morning dominated by our Fun Run, a day of fair activities (and food!), and an evening of music and dancing, Fair Day was the perfect day to celebrate such an incredible HVC session.

Fair Day featured all the classics, from fried dough to the Marriage booth to Kiss Grams. Campers got to roam all of the different stations when they weren’t on a shift working at their own cabin’s assigned booth.

The dance also featured the classic, “Don’t Stop Believin'” to conclude a wonderful night of dancing. Unfortunately, the DJ did stop believing that gophers should be allowed to song request and thus they never played my favorite Olivia Rodrigo song.

I swear I got de ja vu scurrying through camp watching all of the campers enjoy the Fair Day Dance. It was like something out of a dream the way that they came from worlds apart and separate ways to come dance the Cupid Shuffle and continued to welcome each other faithfully with open arms.

They truly have been on an incredible journey together this camp session.

Today, campers spent their morning packing up the majority of their things for departure day tomorrow, and their afternoon doing one last cabin activity.

LCH spent time with donkeys and did a high low circle.

Avalon played cards and ate candy.

Wombles did the hill zipline.

French Quarter had a dance party and played games.

Loons had a chess tournament.

Gimme Shelter did the hill zipline.

Bermuda Triangle took a trip to John’s Ice Cream.

Paquatahnee went on a blueberry hike.

Valhalla did picture frame notes.

Camelot sang karaoke.

Forbidden Planet played soccer and had a fire.

Halley’s Comet went on a blueberry hike.

Shangri-la made a time capsule.

Fiddler’s Green signed and wrote notes on a cabin photo.

Taj Mahal made cookies and signed white books.

Community went to SuperScoops!

Tonight, campers have their Lobster Banquet and finish their night with the closing Pinegrove ceremony where each cabin will perform a song or skit for the rest of the camp and light candles to say goodbye to the rest of camp.

More tomorrow. I’m hungry, heading towards the dining hall, and I sea food.


Gopher Girl


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