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3 Evening Programs, 3rd Day of Classes, and a Thunderous Night

Sunday, August 6th, 2017


Oompa Loompa AWACs helping Willy Wonka with his candy plot!

Hallo everybody!

Luna Bug here, with the scoop on today’s 3rd day of classes and last night’s shenanigans.

There was loads going on here last night, starting with dinner. We had chicken patties and french fries, and for dessert there was an amazing 7 layer bar that is making my mouth water just thinking about it! Full on it all, camp headed off in a couple of different directions for the various Evening Program’s going on.

For LCH, Loons, Avalon, Down Under, Wombles, Paquatahnee, and Gimme Shelter, the evening program was Candy Crush. Everybody headed over to the gazebo after dinner to get the night going. Grandma Nut and Willy Wonka the 3rd (the great grandson of Willy Wonka) were in a war to see whose candy business was going to succeed. Nut and Wonka looked suspiciously like Sam and Lucy DZ… They enlisted the campers from each of the cabins to run around and collect the “candy,” (plastic balls), avoiding the Oompa Loompa’s who will take the candy, and seeking out the Challengers in order to acquire more candy. In the end, Grandma Nut’s candy business prevailed over Wonka’s nefarious plotting.

Over in another part of camp, the Teen Party was in full swing at the Blodgett house, about 5/8ths of a mile up camp road. The cabins who participated were Taj, Halley’s comet, Forbidden Planet, and Atlantis. The four cabins met at the woodshed and walked up camp road together where Courtney F. hosted everybody at Blodgett. There was ice cream (!!) and music, dancing and hanging out, and it was a fun chill night for everybody!

Finally, the rest of the cabins, which included Chateau Fiasco, Treasure Island, Shangri-La, Wabanaki, and Camelot had a wonderful cabin night.

Chateau had a cookout

Treasure Island made pottery

Shangri-La made memory jars and s’mores

Wabanaki made pizza in the pizza oven


Valhalla watched a movie

French 1/4 Went to tipi hill for shrinky dinks, Man hunt, and S’mores

After all that went on, it was off to bed in order to rest up for the 3rd day of classes today! After we all went to bed there was some thunder schvitz last night, but it started well after our evening program ended, and this morning we woke up to blue skies! Woohoo!

Tonight’s Evening Program is perhaps more fitting of thunder-schvitz as it is the Wheel of Misfortune… More on that, tomorrow. For now, it’s off to our 3rd period!

Ciao for now!

Luna Bug

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