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How to plunge a toilet at camp!!!!

Monday, June 17th, 2019

Learning about the campers!

Happy Monday, HVC! It’s Mag-o-llama here to update you on some exciting things that have been going on at camp this past weekend!!!

On Saturday the teaching schedules were posted (HOW EXCITING!!) and staff continued to practice various emergency drills. Saturday evening the staff gathered in the dining hall to plan out lessons for the classes they will teach this summer and practiced writing lesson plans!! From Llama care to rock band lessons, to sweeping the floor and building a fire, counselors are ready to teach their lessons and have fun!! Check out the pictures below!

On Sunday the counselors got their cabin assignments, moved into their cabins, and continued to learn counselor responsibilities, like handling homesickness, bedtime routines, and silly cabin themes! See the amazing pictures below!

We are getting SUPER excited to meet all of the campers and are counting down the seconds until camp officially starts! Folks at home…stay tuned! Counselors are starting to make phone calls home to learn more about your campers!!!

I’m off to bask in the sun 🙂





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