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In the mood for camp food!

Monday, March 20th, 2023


Hello HVC Families!

Spring is March-ing right in these days! 

I’m not great with math, but I’m pretty sure as the numbers play out, that means only one more season until SUMMER camp. 

This spring I’ve been working on perfecting my blueberry muffin recipe for summer…but it’s clear that nothing I can whip up in my gopher kitchen compares to HVC’s camp food favorites. 

Shout out to Mike and the dining hall staff for never failing to put a smile on camper’s faces!

Mike, Jess and their stellar crew!

There’s nothing quite like heading to the dining hall in the morning, before a busy day of classes, to feast on waffles, or pancakes, or take a trip to the egg bar!

Or the surprise that comes with waking up in the morning and discovering it’s every camper’s favorite day…Junk Food Day. Donuts and pop-tarts for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and sundaes for dinner do not disappoint. 

Poptarts as far as the eye can see!

And speaking of sundaes, let us not forget about the best day of the week…Bagel Sunday! My personal favorite concoction is to butter one side, put jelly on the other, and add granola in between, for the perfect, crunchy, flavorful concoction. 

Lazy Day dinners are another highlight…with so many types of pizza to choose from, and an infinite variety of taco toppings, I could taco-bout these meals all day long. 

None of the grass that grows near my gopher hole even comes close to the flavorful vegetables that come from Meg’s Planet and head straight to the dining hall, to put together the freshest of salads. 

Meg’s Planet bounty!

For campers wishing to sharpen their cooking and baking skills, there is no better class than Iron Chef, where each day campers use their creativity to come up with a food to make using a secret ingredient. 

Campers also get to try their hand at cooking with HVC’s very own blueberries, straight from the wild blueberry field on the edge of camp property. Blueberry muffins with freshly picked Maine blueberries from HVC’s field are beyond delicious! 

And of course…we can’t forget about Blindfolded Baby Food Taste Testing…but sometimes campers and counselors can’t seem to remember the flavors. 

However, the end to every camp season brings the Lobster Banquet…which is a meal that is simply impossible to forget. From spanakopita to chicken parmesan to Maine lobster, there is no bad choice…

…and it’s a meal shared with good friends of HVC, Ben and Jerry of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, brought to us by some udder-ly special guests. 

Speaking of special guests…only a couple more months until campers arrive and we couldn’t be any s’more excited!


Gopher Girl

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