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A Love Letter to HVC <3

Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

HVC in February may seem empty

But you needn’t look far to find people a-plenty

Who all have their spots they’ll inhabit all seasons

Here are just a few and their very good reasons


Al likes the split rock up on Tom’s Trail

Phillie knows being 50 yards out from shore can cure your ails

Cindy prefers the hill on the backside of the pool

She can usually find quiet and such a pretty view



Peter, an adventurous one, climbs the roof of the Log Cabin

To look down at the lake and watch the world just happen

Lucia also likes to climb but up to the treehouse

She says it is the best spot on camp to just hang out



Elise sees the whole camp from under the huge pine

Right at the top of the hill where there’s also the zip line

Sam knows where she can find peace in the bustle of day-to-day

The dome by Deer Meadows at sunrise will have the whole world fall away



Aileen loves the moment you can see the whole lake

The exact spot on the trail, a sense of calm you cannot fake

Serena, like Al, has her spot on Tom’s Trail

The one with reishi mushrooms impressive in their scale



Celie has a favorite tree found by climbing the big hill

Turn left, walk a bit, your view it will fill

A huge old oak with a dominating presence

Standing under is amazing you can feel its ancient essence



Meg’s go-to spot, not far from the horses

Is the tip-top of Brumby field, on the edge of Prince’s forest

Here’s a piece of trivia, for those who did not know

Chris Prince was once a staff member who helped first get that field mowed



Of course, even our animals have their favorite places at camp

Huck and Allie, the manure pile, and Nellie, the woods she’ll tramp

Otis, of course, has only one true love… his rock

Hamilton prefers wherever the very best apples are stocked



Hank has seasonal preference, his tastes change throughout the year

In summer, where the campers are, in winter a wood stove he likes to be near

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hidden Valley, from Gopher Girl to you

We celebrate all your best places and love you through and through



Gopher Girl


Special Report: Celebrating 75 years of Hidden Valley!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023


Hello Everyone,

Even if you have not been around HVC for the past 75 years (or the past 10 years, or the past few weeks) you can share in the excitement of our 75th anniversary.

We are certainly recognizing that in 1948, two school teachers brought a dozen children up to Maine from New Jersey to create a farm and work-camp on an old homestead. (Read more history here, including critical info about our Indigenous forebears.) That was a huge accomplishment!

A llama cart!

The Log Cabin, built by HVC campers in the 1970s

Even more so, we also celebrate 75 years of what was then a brand new way to organize community life at a camp…No uniforms, no religious services, no guns. Instead, cooperation replaced competition as a central element in peer relationships. And this new camp provided more choices, more recognition of individuals’ interests and needs and a greater devotion to diversity along all dimensions.

Former owner Jay in his element!

As the camp’s founders said in 1951…

If you, as a thoughtful parent or guardian, are increasingly concerned that your son’s or daughter’s summertime activity shall be happy, healthful, safe and creative…

If you believe with us, that young people today require and rejoice in genuine opportunities for self-expression under mature and sympathetic guidance…

If you share our conviction that boys and girls revel in sensibly supervised adventure “out in the open” away from home and deserve just such freedom during summer days…

If you are anxious that your child shall enjoy the great satisfaction of acquiring skills, of learning to work and play happily with others, of adjusting easily to a wholesome community life in a mountains-and-meadows, lake-and-green-woods setting…

We have absolute confidence that Hidden Valley will prove a continuing delight to you and yours.

These values continue to flourish in this very special place.
– Peter and Meg
P.S. Check out even more HVC photos from the last 75 years at our interactive timeline!
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