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January…sNOw worries, it’s almost summer!

Friday, January 27th, 2023


Happy 2023 HVC Families, 

It’s a new year, but the happenings at my home in Hidden Valley are still Mainely the same. 

What are everyone’s new year’s resolutions? This year, mine was to read more.

In fact, I was reading up on summer camps and went down a gopher-hole learning about the tradition! Turns out, there are over 14,000 summer camps across the United States. 

In addition, the American Camp Association published a survey that revealed that going to summer camp has a myriad of benefits for young campers. In my reading, I was reminded of all the ways that Hidden Valley impacts the lives of its campers. It’s amazing every year to watch kids meet new friends (and keep the old!) from all over the country and world.

At Hidden Valley, campers are allowed to explore so many unique new things and challenge themselves along the way! Campers have the option to learn unique types of art such as glassblowing, stained glass and glass flameworking. Here they can use their artistic skills to create bead pendants, figurines, and jewelry to bring home with them.

In the Beehive, our flameworking studio where campers can create glass beads.

Other art programs include sewing, woodworking, screenprinting, jewelry making, pottery, painting, and more!

In the woodshop!

Campers looking to experience adventure can check out the ropes course, zipline,  take up mountain biking class, or try their hand at archery.

Getting ready to head down the zipline!

Campers that enjoy swimming and spending time on the water can hang out at the lake swimming, paddleboarding, or kayaking.

Those who enjoy spending time with animal can hang out with my animal friends, including Otis the llama and Hamilton the pot-bellied pig, or head up to the horse barn to ride in HVC’s sand rings and wooded trails.

Other unique opportunities include rock band, the musical and play, and a variety of sports, from basketball to ultimate frisbee that campers can sign up to participate in.

Whether campers find themselves interested in sports, music, art, or adventure, there are classes for everyone. But there’s more to camp life than just classes! Lazy day activities, evening programs, and cabin life allow campers to make lifelong friends and  share unforgettable moments.


The camp season may only last the summer, but the memories will last a lifetime. And it’s already January, which means only a couple of snowfalls and four more full months until the start of the first camp session in June! Not to say that it’s almost summer…but I could always gopher a little bit of optimism. 

In the meantime, campers all get to work on the fun stories that they can share with their camp friends when it’s time to head back up to Maine. 


Gopher Girl

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