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Autumn projects & HVC’s first snow!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Happy December 1st to all you orbiters in the HVC-verse! 

Lots and lots has been happening in the valley (including this winter’s first snow fall!), so I’m here to fill you in. Let’s take a look!

Our magnificent maintenance crew spent lots of time outdoors getting the place ready for winter. Al and Derek have been clearing trails and repairing cabin roofs and fencing up at Brumby, our wonderful horse barn and paddocks. And over at the Rec Hall, a new stage was constructed, ready for sharing nights and performers in 2022!

Next stop, PLANET MEG! It looks a little different right now than it did when we had campers around. Tim, our carpenter-extraordinaire, has built new planting beds and updated the fence. This will provide lots more room for squashes, tomatoes, broccoli, peas, you name it! We can’t wait to see what the orbiters grow next summer. Always orbiting, doo doo doo doo doo!

Inside, the Ladybugs have been hard at work cleaning and painting cabins (check out the photos below to see if you can guess which ones!) and they recently gave our Dining Hall Dragon his annual bath. Celie and Lucia have been enrolling campers left and right in the office, and Peter and Meg are busy getting ready for another summer. We’re also preparing the 2021 Video Yearbook, coming to a mailbox near you soon!

Whew, lots going on here at HVC and lots to be excited about! Including…..THE VERY FIRST SNOW OF WINTER!! Last week the valley was covered in a few inches of snow, making the trees sparkle and the meadows shine! Stay tuned for more wintery scenes from camp!

Till then, stay warm and safe friends!

Winston the Woodpecker

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