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Camp enters its ABC… Autumnal Beautification, o’Course!!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Laundry looks a little different here in the Fall…

Howdy, y’all! Hummingbird here, back in action!

As the weather gets a little chillier and the days get slightly shorter with each rotation around our planet’s wonderful axis, I’m watching the llamas grow their winter coats as the PD’s dust off theirs! Our beautiful Valley is beginning its transition into what I like to call “ABC”… Autumnal Beautification o’Course! Meanwhile, you’re probably in the midst of your own transition back into school mode, and maybe you’re thinking a little extra about this summertime oasis here in the Valley. That’s all got me thinking about this amazing place so many of us call home…

From the llama pen to our state of the art glass blowing and photography studios; from the soccer field aaaaaaaaaalll the way past the ropes course to the sparkling lake; from our three-winged dining hall (with a towering two-winged dragon!) to our cozy cabin clusters, there’s a place for everyone at HVC. Maybe that’s what makes camp feel so welcoming to so many different folks with so many different interests! With so many nooks and crannies, wide open spaces, and hidden corners for campers, counselors, and visitors alike to explore, it’s not hard to feel right at home being curious and trying new things at camp.

For example, just the other day Otis the llama (reeling from a shocking presidential defeat by Hamilton the pig, another close friend of mine) was reflecting on his campaign when he said to me, “After I lost the election the mini horses and Hamilton and I went for a stomp in the frog pond, and then I stood on my rock for a while and surveyed my animal pen. This place is just the best. Maybe with my new free time I’ll practice my leaf-rubbing skills.” Hamilton said “Oink!” in agreement and then went off to write his inauguration speech, he’s a very busy pig nowadays. That’s the magic of the Valley, I think… a llama and a pig can be friends even through a political rivalry, and they can pick up new skills along the way!

Check out pictures of our beautiful ABC’ing camp as it transitions into Fall, and keep checking in throughout the off-season for more updates and camp beauty!

I’m off to teach Otis how to hold a crayon for his leaf rubbing… poor thing has no thumbs!


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