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So long and thanks for all the fish.

Friday, August 21st, 2020

G’day all,

George of the Jungle swinging through the trees and popping in just quickly with a link to our closing video for the summer that you can check you right here. 

We’ve had such a great time interacting with you online all summer and want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in, logged on, watched, liked, commented, sent in photos, videos and hey you guys. We’ve missed having you around camp and can’t wait until all your smiles, songs and laughter fill this place up again next summer.

To everyone who popped by in person this summer we loved having you visit your presence here really brightened up our days. Getting to hear about your summers, help with art projects and sit and chat about summers past and present has been a real treat.

I’l be swinging back in in the next few weeks to post our summer blooper reel (I’ve been watching these bloopers in action also summer so I think the compilation video will be pretty funny.)  But until them  stay safe and keep laughing.

George of the Jungle.   


It’s Been a Beautiful Thing.

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

“Well we’re seeing democracy in action this morning and it is a beautiful thing….”

Good morning all. After a long night of ballot counting and re-counting, mustering the chickens and wrangling the mini-ponies we are now ready to call the 2020 Election for.. (drum roll please) HAMILTON!!!

Winning by an extremely narrow 2 votes Hamilton synched victory over Otis last night and made his acceptance speech to a crowd of chickens at the animal barn.

For full coverage of election night 2020 and a breakdown of the polls, you can check out Atlantis Camp News correspondence desk where our dedicated team of political analysis are breaking down the numbers district by district and bringing you all the news you need to know.

With the election, all finished up and Hamilton beginning day 1 of his presidency we are wrapping up the 2020 virtual summer! Everyone here at At Home With HVC has loved being a part of your summer even though we have had to be apart. Thanks for voting for Hamilton or Otis, Watching the wheel, laughing at our morning announcements, Learning with us on Sundays, sending in your videos and pictures, and helping us say Hey You Guys. We’ve missed all of you so much this summer and we can’t wait to be reunited in June 2021 for a summer of new memories!

Make sure you keep tuning in throughout the fall on Sundays while we cover the upcoming federal election and Celie and Peter discuss the Democratic and Republican candidates.  Across our social media channels over the next 10 months, we will continue to post the occasional At Home With HVC project to keep everyone entertained as we head into the cooler months. There will also be plenty of throwback photos to get us all excited for summer 2021 and of course, the team here at Justin will be checking in with you all throughout the winter to keep you update on all the goings-on down in the valley.

Until we can be together again in person stay safe, keep laughing and watch out for those trees.

Yours Always


George of the Jungle

Not to be corny but we love The at home with HVC crew

Thanks for laughing along with the PD’s we couldn’t have done it without you!


Oh how lovely is the Election

Thursday, August 13th, 2020

Welcome back all,

George of the Jungle here, ’m taking a brief break from my post at the 2020 Decision Desk: HVC decides to catch up with you all about the goings-on up here Hidden Valley Camp.

Last night we had a terrific closing campfire. Songs were sung, poems were shared and it was great to close out the summer with a fire and a few of the songs we normally share at Pinegrove. I particularly enjoyed singing and dancing along to the penguin song, I do love drinking tea after all. In case you missed the live campfire you can check it all out here!

The big news across the valley is the election between Hamilton and Otis. Polls have just closed across the globe and we are eagerly awaiting the results. Ballots will be counted and results will be collated by the lake shark, HVC’s most honest and present creature. Make sure you tune in tomorrow for the most important political announcement of the summer! Atlantis Camper News will be breaking into regularly scheduled content with the election results and you won’t want to miss it.

I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap up the election and The At Home with HVC’s final day of programming. Until then it has been a pleasure sharing the news with you this summer.

Stay Safe, Keep laughing

and watch out for those trees

George of the Jungle.

The Polls are Open, the Fires Ready and We Gotta Whole Lotta Links for Ya!

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Hey you guys!

G of the J here coming at you live from the Animal Barn where exit polls are beginning to flood Otis for POTUS’ campaign headquarters. With Polls live across all seven continents The Alpacas are feeling confident that camp roamer Hamilton will steal the deal and take over the presidency. Alternately hear at the Animal barn the atmosphere is electric. Campaign workers remain optimistic that their candidate Otis, the front runner according to the latest Canter Polls, will reign supreme as we enter into the last 24 hours of voting.

Polls will remain open via Instagram and Facebook stories (you can also email votes into [email protected] if you or your camper doesn’t have access to Facebook or Instagram.) Every vote counts so jump on and cast your ballot asap!

In other news after another great round of Pizza and some really interesting updates on Fast Fashion over the weekend the At Home With HVC is back in action putting together their final week of content for the summer…

It was an amazing morning on Monday with the social event of the (summer vegetable) season taking place in Founders Park. The brine was prepped the cucumbers harvested and we all gathered around for the moment of moments… The Pickle Sacrifice. Check it out here!

We are very excited tonight to be hosting our closing campfire tonight. You can tune in live on Instagram or Facebook at 7:30 pm tonightotherwise the campfire will be accessible via Instagram or Facebook for the next 24 hours.

To get everyone in the sing-along mood for our campfire tonight check out two awesome Pinegrove-esq videos. The first The ‘Pizzaman’ with Peter! Make sure you warm up your eh-oh-bo-didly-bop for this song you can watch it here!

We’re also lucky enough to share with you a video made by some allstar HVC Campers Nate, Aya, and Davi. This crew lost power a few days ago and in true camp spirit found some candles and sung a camp favorite song ‘The Farthest FIeld… I’m not crying you are. We loved seeing this and are sure you will too have a squizz right here. 

Anyhoozle the Polls are calling my name so I am off to check in with the chickens about their election thoughts.

Tune in tomorrow for more election news and a recap on our campfire. Hopefully, we will see you all Tonight at 7:30!

Stay safe, keep swinging through the jungle, and watching out for those trees!

George of the Jungle.


Our awesome campers singing the Farthest Field

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