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Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

HELLO HVC!!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here, and I’ve got some excellent and exciting updates for you all!! We started the morning with some yummy blueberry pancakes, and we discovered a cucumber that was ready for… THE PICKLE SACRIFICE!!! Some other exciting things that are taking place today are the last day of classes, Sharing Night, and so much more!!! Stay tuned for more updates and pictures to come!

Let me say that yesterday was AMAZING!!! Although it was one of the hottest days here at camp, we battled the heat by hanging at the lake, swimming at the pool, dancing in the sprinklers, and seeing the best show on earth, the llama fashion show!!! 🙂

Last nights evening program was BAZZINGA!! Each cabin got a new set of counselors for dinner and the evening programs! Campers got up to some rad activities with their new cabins! The youngest cabins did the counselor hunt, the middle cabins played predator vs. Prey, and the oldest cabins had a battle of destruction!!!! After the evening programs wrapped up, the counselors made their way back to their normal cabins when all of a sudden, the UPS truck showed up with some last-minute packages for each and every cabin!! THEY HAD CANDY INSIDE!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! Check out the silly pictures below! 🙂

The fun didn’t stop there last night!!! WE STAYED UP LATE AND WATCHED FIREWORKS!!!!! It was a private show just for HVC and might I say it was THE BEST firework show I have ever seen in my entire llama life!!!

I’m going to get my coat of fur wet in the pool!!

Peace, love, and llama hugs!! 🙂




What do orthodontists do on roller coasters? They brace themselves!!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019


GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! Hummingbird here with your updates on this fine, sunny day!! Since we last spoke our camp has been a’hum with excitement to get back to our regularly scheduled classes today! After a yummy delicious pizza dinner last night we enjoyed a fabulous performance by Peter Boie, the magic dude!! We gasped, we laughed, we cried with joy when Peter escaped his straight jacket, and we had a marvelous time!! It was a fabulous end to a fabulous day!! But that’s not all that happened last night…

Forbidden Planet got their T-SHIRTS LAST NIGHT!!! In the midst of fire building and s’mores the campers of Forbidden Planet got their Forbidden shirts, which they, of course, all wore to camp meeting this morning to show them off! Congratulations, Forbidden!!

And now here we are, enjoying a lovely day here in the Valley. The sun is shining, my birdy brethren are chirping in the trees, the flowers are looking extra bright today, and the smell of fresh laundry is wafting from the Health Lodge (ouch!) and through the rest of camp… how idyllic! We’re in our second to last day of the first two weeks of classes, so pottery is being glazed today, projects are being soldered and finished up, dances are being rehearsed, and swimmers are swimming their swims! There’s plenty to keep us occupied here today until our wonderful evening program, BAZZINGA!! What’s that, you ask? Stay tuned and find out tomorrow!

In the meantime enjoy pictures from the Bangor State Fair and the Staff Talent Show! And check out pictures from HVA (lite)’s rock climbing trip a few days ago!! How adventurous (lite)!! One last thing…. you may notice something in our photos below… our AWACs got into some candy last night… I wonder what that means….. Hm…… 😉

Always hungry,

It’s the FAIR!! AND it’s so UNfair!!

Monday, July 29th, 2019

Happy Fair and Unfair Day!! Hummingbird here and this day has been SO (UN)FAIR!! What?! Well, the older half went to the Bangor State Fair this afternoon to enjoy all the wonderful rides, fried dough, ice cream, lemonade, and friend bonding that the fair has to offer!!

But that’s SO UNFAIR to the younger half! So the younger cabins enjoyed UNfair day here on camp, with an inflatable waterslide and boonbounce, a ring toss, ducky guessing, and a lollipop tree! Each activity was an opportunity for campers to earn tickets, which they used to vote for a counselor to SLIME!!! The lucky winner was Sam, who was a real trooper about the whole thing! Check out photos below 🙂 And stay tuned tomorrow for pictures from the fair!!

Oh, and remember yesterday? As in the best day of the session? JUNK FOOD DAY? Ringing any bells?? Yeah, we remember it, too! Last night after dinner we enjoyed ice cream sundaes (distributed in order of quietness of the cabins!) After our sundaes we moseyed on over to the Rec Hall, where our counselors put on a SPECTACULAR talent show! Our staff are just loaded with talent, and they really pulled out all the stops! The singing ranged from soulful to duck-voiced, there were seagull impressions, dramatic lip syncs, over the top rock paper scissors competitions, and a beautiful reenactment of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s performance of Shallow from the movie A Star is Born!! Check out the photos below!

I’m off to see if any of the campers brought fried dough back from the fair for me…. if they didn’t, it would be SO unfair!! 😉

Always hungry,

Why did the donut go to the dentist?? TO GET A FILLING!!

Sunday, July 28th, 2019

jHowdy doo, camp folks! Hummingbird here! And I just can’t contain my excitement anymore I have to tell you right now, IT’S JUNK FOOD DAY!!! OH MY GOODNESS NO WAY WE’VE BEEN WAITING LIKE BASICALLY FOREVER AND IT’S HERE NOW AAAAHHHHHHHH!! So what on Earth are we eating?! Well let me tell you…

We had DONUTS and POP TARTS and SUGARY CEREAL for BREAKFAST!! Can you believe?!?! I can’t! Campers had some super funky food combinations– what creativity! For lunch we shall dine on hot dogs and a variety of condiments, and for dinner we’ll munch on ravioli and of COURSE ice cream sundaes!! Take a look at photos from breakfast, and stay tuned for more Junk Food Day madness to come!!

Last night was CABIN NIGHT!!! Here’s what our campers got up to…
Loons did Tipi Zip!
Avalon made glass beads!
Gimme Shelter and Paquatahnee enjoyed ice cream sandwiches at the pool!
Bermuda Triangle did a build and burn team building activity!
Forbidden Planet played air hockey and knapster!
Haley’s Comet did woodworking projects with Moses!
Down Under played with the llamas and made s’mores!
French Quarter made zentangle art!
Wombles went on PK’s secret tour and made s’mores!
The burrow made screen printed shirts!
Wabanaki made pizzas!
Shangri-La went swimming in the lake and made s’mores!
LCH made cookies!
Valhalla had a glow paint war!
Fiddlers Green made a wind chime with found glass!
Camelot played with tie dye and ate popsicles!
Taj Mahal made ocean glass jewelry with Philippe!
The Apprentices had some extra studio time!

It was a super fun evening filled with lots of cabin bonding!! And sugar 🙂

Check out photos from all the fun, and stay tuned for more to come!! Tonight is the staff talent show! We can’t wait to see all the talent our staff has to share with us!!

I’m off to search for leftover s’mores… I didn’t get enough sweets this morning!

Always hungry,

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