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Gearing up for a Great Summer!

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Llama glamor shot!

Hello hello hello! Cara here, and boy, am I excited!

Camp is coming sooner than you think! It’s that time of year where campers and staff start getting psyched for HVC. Can you believe that in less than 4 months, staff will be heading up north to start getting ready for an amazing,┬ástupendous, fantastical, wondrous, incredible summer??

Hidden Valley still looks like a winter wonderland. Soon enough, the snow and ice will melt as we continue working on off-season projects. I sure am missing all the kooky camp traditions and cool activities. I find myself humming the Meg’s planet interest groups song and “tuna noodle baby” by the Half Moon Jug Band all winter long! I can’t wait for all the camp fun to come- zipping down tipi zip line, petting the llamas and Hamilton the pig, doing screen printing and tie-dye, and working on projects in the glass bead and glass blowing studios. Not to mention windsurfing and boating at the lake, climbing the ropes course, playing tether ball in the backyard, eating fried dough on fair day, and sharing picnic lunches with friends. I am also beginning to wonder about the mysteries ahead- what will the themes be for dances and lazy days? Who will emerge victorious in the camper vs. counselor basket ball game? What is revealed on Peter’s forbidden tour on electives night? WHEN IS THE CANDY DROP??

All of these questions will be answered in due time… What I really miss the most about camp isn’t what we do each day, but the amazing community we create every summer- the kind and supportive group of weirdos who make Hidden Valley a home away from home.

Until next time, enjoy some awesome photos from last summer. Here’s to more great memories to come!

Climbing away,

Cara B. Ner

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