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Day Three- Yippee! Llamapalooza and the Third Day of Classes

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Save Hamilton the pig! A.k.a. catch the water balloon

Wakey wakey, eggs n’ bakey! Cara here on this beautiful, sunny morning with all the latest from last night’s evening program, Llamapalooza! I mean, Meg’s Rodeo! Or, maybe… both? Luna and I aren’t quite sure to be honest.

Regardless, what we do know is that it was a whole lot of fun. After an outdoor dinner of hamburgers and french fries with all the fix-ins, we gathered in Deer Meadow’s Field. Campers traveled in cabin groups to different activities throughout the evening. There was a water balloon toss, an obstacle course, and a dizzy bat challenge. We also practiced our llama spitting skills with peas, played giant tic-tac-toe by tossing frisbees onto a tarp, (Tic-Tac-Tobee!) and used our awesome dance moves to try and get ping-pong balls out of a booty-box. After each cabin had cycled through the rotation, we gathered on the hill to watch the Counselor Wakeup Challenge. Each cabin nominated one AWAC or counselor for a silly race of getting out of a “sleeping bag” (garbage bag,) putting on a whacky costume, eating cereal without using hands and reciting the alphabet backwards. We had a blast cheering on the competitors. In the end, everyone felt like a winner!

Today is the third day of classes – wahoo! Everyone seems to be settling in just fine as we get into the swing of camp. This morning’s breakfast included egg bar (yes!), sausages, and tater tots. We headed over to the gazebo and had an extra silly and fun morning meeting. At the end of the interest groups announcements, Meg split the camp into groups to sing a special tune. This could only mean one thing- CUCUMBER SACRIFICE! This long-awaited ritual marks the end of a young cucumber’s life, for it is time for this cucumber to become a pickle. There was a bit of a mix-up, as Liam (Meg’s orbiting companion,) held up Cucumber the kitten instead of the vegetable! Not to worry, no kittens were harmed and the confusion was quickly sorted out. We are now patiently awaiting a taste of the first Meg’s Planet pickles of the season.

Right now, we are enjoying another day of classes. Stained glass projects are coming along, ukuleles are strumming, and goals are being scored on the soccer field. It will be nice to have a change of pace with the first Lazy Day of the session tomorrow. The younger half will be going on a trip to Lake St. George while the older half will stay on camp for Reality TV Day!

Tonight’s evening program is Electives, a classic camp favorite. After dinner, we will meet at the soccer field. All counselors and staff will stand on the field and announce a different activity that they will be running. Campers can choose to do whatever activity they want. It’s sort of a “choose your own” evening program! After being split into three groups, the quietest group of campers will be released for first pick of the activities. Luna and I can’t wait to see what activities there will be to choose from. We’ll be sure to give you the scoop tomorrow.

Wishing a lovely Wednesday to all!

Cara B.


Cabin Night Craziness and Candy Conspiracies

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

LCH tractor ride!

Happy Aloha Tuesday!

It is I, Luna Bug, back with more news. Although it has only been 12 hours since I last posted, naturally, because this is HVC, there is tons more news to tell you all about. Although I want to talk about last night’s candy sorting some more, let’s first back it up to yesterday’s Cabin Nights because they were super fun. After the first full day of classes of the session, a cabin night was the perfect way to end the day. Here’s what everyone got up to:

LCH went for a tractor ride to the end of the world

Loons did some wizardry with Coke and Mentos, and made s’mores

Avalon had a scavenger hunt which lead them to s’mores

Chateau Fiasco swam in the lake, hopped in the sauna, and made s’mores

Wombles made glass pendants

Down Under had a ballon party

Paquatahnee made dessert pizza and shrinky dinks

Gimme Shelter baked stick bread over a fire and played games

Shangri-La made projects in the pottery studio

Treasure Island took a terrarium hike and did skittles questions

Atlantis swam in the lake, made s’mores, and camped out in the lake pavilion

French 1/4 made s’mores and a cabin flag by dropping paint filled balloons from the tree house

Wabanaki made buttons and did M&M questions

Camelot did tie-dye

Valhalla made pizza and had a whacky photoshoot

Forbidden Planet had a special dinner and played games

Halley’s Comet had a birthday party!

Taj Mahal got ice cream in Belfast and hung out by the water

Alive had a “who’s line is it anyway” night (improv games!)

Oh, what a night! It was so fun walking around camp and smelling all the fires going in the fire pits, and hearing the voices from all the different pockets of camp. There are tons of photos below from each of the cabins so make sure to check it out.

This morning on the walk to breakfast everyone could spot it in the distance, glimmering as if a mirage: the candy wrappers hanging outside of the AWAC shack. Although I broke the news to folks at home last night, the sight of the candy wrappers this morning was the first whisper of the mysterious but guaranteed future candy drop.

Cabins were abuzz with talk of the candy drop, but the moment we entered the dining hall we had something NEW and potentially more exciting to discuss- WAFFLES! Everybody got a waffle, and loaded it up with whipped cream and homemade strawberry sauce. Yum!

The high from the waffles carried us straight into morning meeting, where we discussed the brewing Candy Drop conspiracies. Some said that it would happen in two days, some said that it would be on “Wednesday, my dudes,” and one person even said that it was yesterday! We’ll get back to you all with more conspiracies, later. It was particularly awesome when we lined up all the former AWACs who were still at camp as counselors or PDs who had sorted Candy Drop Candy in years past. There was at least one person for every year between 2005 to 2017! That is a whole lot of former AWACs who just can’t seem to leave this place! Maybe there was something in the candy casting a spell on us…

With plenty of topics to fuel our midday water cooler fountain talk, we’re all off to our various parts of camp for the second day of classes. The temperatures are a bit lower today (Gotta love Maine summers!) so everyone has on their finest sweaters and 5 year vests, with a Hawaiian shirt or two hidden underneath cause, you know, gotta support Aloha Tuesday!

Tonight is Llamapalooza, or Meg’s Rodeo, as some like to call it. Don’t know what Llamapalooza means? Check back in with us tomorrow and we’ll help explain it to you!

Have a fantastic day!

Luna B.


Marvelous Candy Sorting on a Monday Night

Monday, July 24th, 2017

The wonderful AWACs cheesing away!

Luna Bug here for an extra-super-duper-special late night report:

Tonight, on this cool Monday evening, just moments ago, the Candy Drop candy was sorted. The AWACs did a phenomenal job of perfectly test dropping each piece from various heights in Peter’s office. They calculated the aerodynamics of how notes would affect the flight time of each singular piece, whether on Twizzler or M&M, and they considered the volumetric mass of the bags in which the candy would be thrown out of once in the plane.

Just kidding, the AWACs basically just had a party on top of a pile of candy! They ripped open each bag of candy, mixed it all around in one great giant pile, threw some around, ate a bunch more pieces, and repacked the candy in a few different tote bags.

Now, the candy sits in PK’s office, waiting for it’s own time to shine…or should I say, pour from the sky.

It’s time for me to buzz off to bed now. Let’s just hope I can sleep after this candy craziness!


Luna Bug

What’s That You Say? It’s the First Day of Classes!

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Lunch time for Gimme Shelter!

Good morning, pals! Cara B. Ner here, and man, do we have a big day ahead of us. It’s the first day of classes! We leaped out of bed this morning and walked into the dining hall to find everyone’s favorite- EGG BAR!! There were also English muffins, sausages, and cheese to make some awesome egg sandwiches.

We then headed over to the gazebo for morning meeting. We had our usual announcements of Thought De Jour and Spirit Animal of the Day, and heard about our first round of interest groups. Interest groups is a time after fourth period and before evening meeting to grab a snack and choose from a variety of activities that change day to day. After camp meeting, we headed off to our first period class. Some campers set off to the lake or the pool for swimming classes, others to the horse barn for riding, the trails for mountain biking, the Buckhorn for silk screening and block printing, the list goes on! Some super fun classes unique to this two week set are “what is this class?”, ninja 101, bug catching and bird watching, stage fighting, and “how to be a pop star.”

After first, second, and third period, we will enjoy a picnic-style lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup outside in the backyard. Afterwards, we’ll head back to our cabins for a rest period of some quiet time and cabin chores. Next is fourth period, followed by interest groups and evening meeting. At evening meeting, we hear about the upcoming weather from Weather Guy, hear a useless facts from our Gurus, watch the Promos class perform a skit letting us know what evening program will be the following night, and see the Iron Chef cooking class face off, judged by our master taste tester Man Flame Tony. Next, we’ll head to dinner and then evening program.

Tonight is Cabin Night, a really fun evening program. Each cabin will do a different activity with their group for some awesome cabin bonding. Luna and I can’t wait to tell you all about it tomorrow. For now, enjoy some more orientation day photos!

Climbing away,

Cara B.

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