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Half-Moon Jug Band’s in Town!

Friday, June 30th, 2017

Hamilton hangs out with some friends

Good morning world! Olive here with some news for you on this fine day.

We had a fabulous evening last night with the Half Moon Jug Band. We got down to all the classics like Tuna Noodle, This Land is Your Land, and Country Road. We were all up and dancing and singing along to our favorites. We then went off to bed after a very fun and relaxing lazy day.

We woke up this morning to the beautiful smell of bacon, and we enjoyed a delicious egg bar, bacon, fresh fruit, and toast feast this AM. We were then back into the swing of things with morning meeting and off to classes! It’s bound to be another busy and exciting day here on camp concluding with the Space Dance! Campers will be making decorations during interest groups to prepare and I’m sure will be getting decked out in their best outer space gear for tonight.

We’ve got lots of photos for you today, including a little photoshoot of our new baby pig, Hamilton. Campers have been enjoying getting to know him and taking care of him in llama care. Also be sure to check out our emerging pop stars in 2nd period’s How to be Popstar with Lucy and Jacob. They did a photoshoot in their pop star personas all over camp…it’s pretty amazing, you don’t want to miss it.

So long for now, friends and talk to you soon!



Traveling Through Time, Going for a Dip, and All the Photos to Prove it!

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen and all those in between! Special reporter Olive Oyl here with loads of news and pictures for you on this beautiful sunny day!

First things first, we had an awesome electives night, with the schvitz letting up just in time for us to do all of our regularly scheduled activities. There were the classics, like capture the flag, pizza oven, baking cookies, and light painting (be sure to check out the photos). Plus some old HVC quirky favorites like destroy the Nalgene, Peter’s forbidden tour, and the spontaneous parade. There was also pool games, nature drawing, a scavenger hunt, and making pendants in glass fusing. All in all it was a wonderfully diverse and fun night that ended with the whole crew gathering in the Rec Hall for some singing. We did brown squirrel, my dog bean, and ended the night with the Farthest Field with some help from Meg. We then made our way to bed and enjoyed a little sleep-in this morning on this fine Trip & Lazy Day.

The younger half was up bright and early for their lake trip, leaving after breakfast and arriving back at camp this afternoon. The younger half enjoyed swimming, soccer, the playground, and a ukulele jam session down at the lake. They munched on a delicious picnic lunch before heading back to camp for ice cream and rest period and cabin clean in their bunks. All cabins got visited by our fantastically strange cabin inspectors this afternoon and the results of dirtiest, cleanest, scariest, silliest, and everything in between cabins will soon be revealed at evening meeting.

The older half enjoyed a laid-back day on camp with a late sleep-in, breakfast, and a cabin clean in the morning. We then gathered together for Time Travel day, which featured creating mini time capsules, name that tune, caveman survival, and futuristic block printing. We then had a delicious lunch on camp and had a nice relaxing rest period in the afternoon before heading off to pool activities for some swimming, friendship bracelets, reading, card games, and some R&R before evening meeting and dinner.

Tonight younger and older half will be reunited once again and we’ll enjoy our lazy day dinner of Mexican or Pizza night…TBD! We’ll then enjoy a spectacular evening of music with the Half Moon Jug Band, an HVC tradition.

Plus…here’s a little community update! The crew did an escape room (prison themed, check out the amazing photos) the other day and had a blast. Today they went on a sea-kayaking trip, which looked like tons of fun. The group is back at Blodgett enjoying a home-cooked meal this evening.

Well, that’s all for now, friends. There are two galleries today because of all the photos we have to share! The first one is of today’s time on camp during Time Travel Day and the trip to Lake St. George in the morning. The second one is electives from last night, community on their trips, and some oddballs. Enjoy it all!



Photos part one (Time Travel Day, pool activities, and Lake St. George):

Photos part two (electives & community):

Onwards and Upwards on the 3rd Day of Classes!

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Josie getting a kiss!

Good morning, lovelies!

Another egg bar, another day. Luna Bug here, full of hash browns and orange juice ready to report on all the goings-ons around camp.

Before we get into today’s events, let’s back it up to yesterday, and the candy-drop speculations of the day. During interest groups, a bunch of kids met with Tanya to discuss the conspiracy theories, and they presented their findings during evening meeting. They seemed to be in agreement that the candy drop would most likely be on Monday, but who knows. Somewhat mysteriously, the drone of a plane was heard not once, but TWICE, during the course of camp meeting. Although it wasn’t the actually the candy drop, it did seem a bit like a warning, or some secret message, to hear the planes during camp meeting… Perhaps it will be today? Tomorrow? Camp is a buzz with speculation!

Because of a big schvitz storm last night we switched what would have been Llamapalooza to movie night and we watched…Moana! The whole camp gathered in the rec hall after dinner and watched the film, and then it was off to bed. Time to sleep and get prepared for our 3rd day of classes!

We woke up to the aforementioned fabulous blue sky and settled in to camp meeting under the warm sun. As always, Peter got camp meeting started with his booming “HEY YOU GUYS!” and we started  our parade of announcements and traditions. To highlight a few- “Tide Klum” (Pronounced Tidé) announced laundry, and we heard about Interest Groups and about the opened time capsules in Meg’s Planet. The joke of the day was told, more groups were called, and finally, the Spirit Animal of the Day was announced to end meeting and send us off to classes.

Heads up! Anika and Kate from Shangri-La have been taking awesome photos and shared them with us, so we posted them for you all to see! Check below for those photos, and tons more from the past few days of classes.

Virtual high five!

Luna bug

Getting into the Swing of Things!

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Good morning, folks! Secret agent Olive Oyl here with lots of news and photos for you on this fine day.

We had an exciting morning with pancake bar for breakfast, complete with fresh blueberry sauce and syrup. Yum! And we got treated with a few special songs at camp meeting. Peter I. sang us a glass beads song for interest groups and Ian got us started on one of our Tuesday traditions, “Dinner’s Better With a Letter,” by singing an awesome song accompanied by guitar. Plus it’s Aloha Tuesday, so we’re all decked out in our Hawaiian gear– grass skirts, floral shirts, flower crowns included. They’ll be a ukulele jam session during interest groups in the spirit of the day.

So, as you all know, there was lots going on late into the evening last night and when I stumbled into breakfast this morning I saw a string of wrappers outside the AWAC shack. What could it mean?? One camper suggested at meeting that the Candy Drop is going to be on Monday because the wrappers were shaped in the letter “M”. Maybe he’s right…only time will tell…Tanya will be hosting a conspiracy theory discussion at interest groups for those campers who are curious and suspicious.

But before all the craziness we had a wonderful evening with our cabins. Oh what a night. Here’s what everyone did:

LCH made comic books and s’mores

Avalon had a huge bonfire at the end of the world

Loons made cardboard robots and raced around in them

Wombles went down to the lake for a swim and made s’mores

Bermuda Triangle built a fire, had s’mores, and played campfire games and world cup soccer

Chateau Fiasco had a family dinner in the barn kitchen with tacos

Forbidden Planet built mailboxes in the woodshop

Deer Meadows went kayaking on the lake

The Burrow built cardboard mailboxes and made s’mores

Down Under had a PJ party and decorated cookies

Paquatahnee went on a scavenger hunt to find s’mores supplies

French Quarter made a cabin sign and clay beads

Gimme Shelter did light painting and a dance party in the Foothills

Wabanaki went on a scavenger hunt to find s’mores and swim in the pool

Fiddler’s Green made a mosaic for their cabin

Valhalla did tie-dye and the color personality test

Camelot made shrinkydinks, s’mores, and sang campfire songs

Shangri-La made memory jars and played the M&M game

Haley’s Comet worked on a stained glass project for their cabin

and finally…

Taj Mahal went rock climbing off camp!

And that concludes our amazing evening of cabin bonding and activities. Be sure to take a look at the photos to see what we’re talking about!

Meanwhile, it’s another day of classes and we’re excited to be getting back into it! Tonight we’ll have Llamapalooza/Meg’s Rodeo, which is a camp classic and sure to be lots of fun. Can’t wait to fill you all in tomorrow!

Hugs and kisses,

Olive Oyl

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