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Feeling the Love with Our Furry New Friends

Friday, February 19th, 2016
Dr. Carrots and Professor Fuzzy Pants! (Oh, and Robin and Cassie!)

Dr. Carrots and Professor Fuzzy Pants! (Oh, and Robin and Cassie!)

Good afternoon, HVC-ers! Olive Oyl here with a fuzzy and adorable update for you all!

It’s an exciting time at camp as we’ve recently acquired two new bunnies, the esteemed academics Dr. Carrots and Professor Fuzzy Pants. Our wonderful staff members Robin and Cassie, who will be returning this summer to work in their usual areas, llamas, horses, and animals of all kinds for Robin, and the waterfront and office for Cassie. Needless to say our two new furry friends will definitely be helping out all over camp this summer– providing much needed cuddles and maybe even giving some lectures on How to Most Adorably¬†Eat a Carrot.

Meanwhile, it’s been snowy and beautiful in Maine, and with Valentine’s Day just passed, we can’t help but notice all of the love that exists at camp. Whether it’s in the heart-shaped screen on the door of the red barn, a glimmering panel of stained glass, or your favorite kind of candy falling from the sky, it’s hard not to feel love and warmth when running across the soccer field or admiring the view from Tipi Hill.

Be sure to check out some awesome photos– Carmi and Phillie just completed an impressive Dome project that looks even more magnificent atop a blanket of snow. My favorite pic is the snowy view from the Log Cabin…check it out!

Ta-ta for now,
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