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Sharing Nights and First Days of Classes!

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Alicia and Amelia jamming out at the Rockband Lunch show, which is a special pre-show before Sharing Night.

Hola! Bonjour! Annyeong! Kon’nichiwa! Ni hao! Hello!

I’m Luna Bug, and I’m back today to let everybody know what’s been happening around camp these past few days. Today’s post will look back a little bit at what’s been happening on camp, but it will also look forward to all that we have in store!

Two nights ago, the campers and counselors gathered at the Rec Hall for Sharing Night. Sharing Night is an evening program when we all come together to appreciate everything that has been accomplished and created over the past two weeks of classes. We had loads of cool, creative, fun, funny, silly, and interesting performances from a number of different classes. We had our How to Be a Popstar class, a llama care class, a stage combat class, Disney dance, tap dance, Irish dance, Musical scenes, the Musical, and so many more classes perform. It was a fantastic night, with a wonderfully appreciative audience, and it was the perfect way to wrap up the first two weeks of the session, and bring us into yesterday’s PJ Day to pick new classes.

As I talked about in yesterday’s post, PJ Day was really cool, and just as full of pajamas as the name promised. For more details about yesterday, check back to yesterday’s post where I went into more detail about it.

One thing I didn’t talk about, however, is Peter Boie, the wonderful magician who performed last night. He did tons of tricks ranging from erasing a hole off of an egg to escaping from a straight jacket! He was a pretty funny guy, on top of being a magician, so it was a night of laugher and wonder enjoyed by all!

This morning we woke up to a glorious first Egg Bar of the second two weeks of camp! Everybody lined up to wait for their eggs of choice, grabbed some toast or hash browns to accompany it, and finally some cheese as well if they so fancied it. What a way to start our day…The first day of classes for the second two weeks!


After breakfast everyone gathered in the Backyard for morning meeting, and after that it’s off to our first three periods of classes before it’s time for lunch. After lunch we’ll have rest period, and then onwards to the fourth period of classes, and then Interest Groups. Then, it’ll be back to the Backyard for evening meeting, and then dinner, and then our Evening Program tonight which is electives!

Below we have photos from Sharing Night, Pajama Day, and Peter Boie, so make sure you take a look!


Luna Bug


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