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Tuesday, July 12th, 2016


Aloha, folks! HAPPY FRENCH-TOAST-AND-ALOHA-TUESDAY-DAY! Humming Bird here with plenty of photos and updates about all things camp! First, an update on Community! Our community-conscious campers have been up to some great stuff! They went to Raven’s Berry Farm and picked berries to bring back to camp. They also helped to build a cob oven and a wall at Many Hands Farm! Finally, they spent the Fourth of July watching fireworks in Searsport, and celebrating camper Tai’s birthday! Sounds like fun!

Next I’d like to talk about our Brumby program! Yesterday the Brumby kids took the ferry to Isleboro to take lessons at Pripet Riding Program with Barton Patrick. They took turns lessoning, trail riding, and relaxing with gorgeous ocean views and a picnic lunch. They ended the day with an ice cream stop at Super Scoops– always a camper favorite!

And back on Main Camp…. We had VALLEYFEST last night!! We had an unbelievable amount of incredible acts! In fact, we had SO MANY acts, that we had to do TWO shows! One shorter show was held before dinner. We took a brief intermission to Meet and eat, and then we continued on to the larger portion of the talent show. Both parts were held in front of our beautiful gazebo in the back yard. It was a wonderful night and we would like to thank you folks at home for sharing your talented campers with us!

We had magic acts, dancing, plenty of singing, violin, and even some stellar gymnastics! We had rap battles, translations from English to different Alien dialects, drumming and a special guest appearance from a Mr. Alexander Hamilton!! Wait hold up, Alexander Hamilton? But isn’t he, like, a million years dead??? Apparently not! Our founding father of financials was alive and well at HVC last night, as some of our campers performed acts from the hit musical, Hamilton! We experienced a Cabinet Meeting with Cabinet Battle #1, and we all sang along to the King’s lament, You’ll Be Back! Check out photos of the rousing acts!

Another exciting act featured campers from Wombles, who performed an improvisation game! They played Snapshot, a game which asks participants to strike a random pose on the count of three. The “narrator” then has to tell a story about the resulting picture. It was such fun! Check out the wacky photos!

Now with Valleyfest receding in the rearview mirror, we have some exciting things on the horizon! Today is the third day of the second round of classes, and campers are enjoying the sunshine! Tonight we’ll have a HALLOWEEN DANCE! There will be a haunted house, costume making, bobbing for eyeballs, and of course there will be an opportunity to show off some killer moves on the dance floor! Stay tuned for photos tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’m going to go look for a costume for tonight… I think I’m going to dress up as a human!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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