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What time is it? PJ time!

Thursday, August 6th, 2015
Peter here as our correspondents have a busy day, even though at HVC today is the “Laziest Lazy Day of them All.” Photos here will show you PJ-clad campers enjoying the day between the two rounds of classes this session.
In addition to choosing classes this morning, campers will receive an HVC T-shirt and enjoy the book fair. The day is rounded out with time by the pool for all, a cabin activity and a movie. Detailstonight right here. Stay tuned!
Meg and I want to take a minute to honor the Program Directors (PD’s) who work with us and thank them for some remarkable programming of late. A lot of work takes place behind the scenes to successfully produce programs such as Sharing Night with its 19 artistic acts last night. PD’s have also arranged a special trip for our advanced horse riders today as well and our Shakespeare group is attending a local production of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream.”
And all of these special events – yesterday’s rock concert at lunch, a surprise dance recently, our fireworks, group singing before meals, etc. – are part of a creative, meaningful and celebrative community experience for all of us, children and adults alike.
As we reach the midway point of this session, we are tremendously proud of many accomplishments here. Friendships have developed, skills discovered and honed… Just as important, children have come to value the benefits of camp community life. Many thanks for your support in this process.
All the best,
Peter and Meg
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