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‘Tis the season!

Thursday, July 28th, 2016


Hello, folks! Humming Bird here! What a beautiful day we have had here in the Valley! The sun has been shining, the snow’s glistening on Tipi Hill, and the elves have been working hard in Santa’s Workshop!

Wait, WHAT?!?! But, it’s July…. YUP! Snow came early this year, and we’ve got WINTER IN JULY!! Our older half spent the morning doing some FESTIVE activities! We had holiday caroling, a Frozen dance party, gingerbread houses, awkward holiday card photos, Christmas cookies, ugly sweater-decorating, even a snowball fight! The icing on the holiday cake was our sledding station! We had huge chunks of ice that doubled as sleds, as campers rode them down Tipi Hill! Don’t believe me? CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS! It was a holly jolly day!

Meanwhile, the younger half spent the morning at Lake St. George, hangin’ out, loungin’, relaxin’ in the sun! They had a VERY summer in July kind of day! Once they returned, we all gathered for a lovely lunch prepared by Chris and Lillian and their team! Yummy yummy!

Now, let me tell you a little bit about how Trip Lazy Days work around here. As you’ve already seen, one half of camp leaves for a trip, while the other half stays behind on Main Camp for the lazy day. Once everyone is back on camp, we have a super cabin clean and rest period, during which time campers prep their cabins for INSPECTIONS! It’s not as scary as it sounds– two counselors go around in silly costumes and make sure our campers are keeping the cabins clean and livable! Sometimes campers try to scare or bribe the inspectors, who report back on what they saw in each cabin at Evening Meeting! Right after the inspections, the half that stayed for the lazy day (in this case, Older Half) enjoys some wonderful time at the pool (FUN!) before heading to Meeting and dinner!

Speaking of Evening Meeting, did you hear what our evening program is tonight?? KIM AND REGGIE ARE COMING!! I am SO excited to hear them perform again! Rumor has it, our celebrities are already on camp!! Did you know that Kim and Reggie perform in stadiums of 15,000 people?? And we are lucky enough to have our own private concert with them every session! WOW! They’ll be performing tonight with Atlantis and Down Under, so stay tuned for photos of that!!

Now allow me to backtrack a little bit, and tell you about our Electives last night!! We had SO much fun together! There was, of course, Capture the Flag (who won? Who lost? Who cheated? It’s all a mystery!) we baked cookies, and Peter gave his forbidden Hidden Valley tour! We also had some new options, like a High School Musical-themed dance party, and tennis baseball! There was even an option to blow up a watermelon! That one looked fun! We had a spontaneous parade, touch rugby, artsy craftsy things, and slow motion video!! It was a really great night, so be sure to check out photos!

That’s all I’ve got as far as updates go… be sure to check out our photos of the day and last night! And tune in tomorrow morning to see pictures of Kim and Reggie’s performance tonight!!

I’m off to scavenge some more of those Christmas cookies…

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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