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The End is Near But the Future is So Bright!

Thursday, August 14th, 2014



HVA on their most recent trip!

Greetings, earthlings! Olive Oyl here with some news for you! Well, it’s another exciting day of classes as we’re getting into our second set of minis and luckily avoiding the schvitz! We must be in a special schvitz bubble here at HVC because we’ve managed to get the bulk of our rain overnight and the wetness has hardly affected our daily lives. We switched our dance and movie evening programs, so that we enjoyed a warm and cozy film last night and will have our dance in two nights once the weather is drier and clearer. Perfect! We watched Despicable Me last night, and it was a hilarious and feel-good time for all. For those of our campers who were here last summer, we saw Despicable Me 2 in theaters, so this was a little flashback to fun lazy days past, but also an excellent choice for a first movie night here at camp.

Peter and Meg spoke to all of camp this morning about how it’s hard to believe that in just a week, campers will be heading home on buses or getting picked up by their folks. It’s shock for all…we can’t believe it’s all ending so soon! But, not to fret, there is still so much to come with our final time here at Hidden Valley. We’ll take care of lots of practical stuff on camp, like getting everyone’s addresses posted so that we can keep in touch throughout the year. We’ll also be handing out white books to decorate, share contact information, and memories from the summer. Peter and Meg also reminded us how at this time it’s nice to reflect on the hallmarks of our community–how well we all work together and the amazing things that we have created this summer, both tangible and intangible, like a mosaic project or a meaningful friendship.

Our final week here is going to be a blast! The day after tomorrow we have the camper vs. counselor basketball game at Interest Groups and then we’ll have a few nights of awesome performances, with Shrek the Musical, Sharing Night, and the Alive! show. We’ll also have the always-amazing Fair Day, full of delicious treats and fun games. Then, of course, the spectacular Lobster Banquet and Closing Pine Grove.

Now for our Staying Alive update…

Yesterday after the fourth day of classes, Alive got busy with show prep! Musicians, dancers, and actors practiced while helping build sets and finalize the script (sneak preview: it’s going to be wonderful). For evening program, Alive took a trip to the Monmouth theater to watch a stage production of Oscar Wilde’s “A Woman of No Importance.” All of the campers and counselors thoroughly enjoyed the show, and we’re looking forward to going back to Monmouth theater in a few days to see a different production. In the meantime, they’ll be taking some fun trips and working hard to get the show ready!

That’s all we got for you today…be sure to check out the cool photos! The light painting photos come from Shangri-La’s cabin night the other night and the photos below that are from our teen programs. Check out Adventures’ adventures and Alive’s recent Who’s Line Is It Anyway performance!

Peace and Love,




A morning Llama Care class paying the office a visit!

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