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Seventh Day of Classes!!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015
Fun at pool activities!

Fun at pool activities!

Goooooood morning, friends! Humming Bird here! The skies are clear, the temperature is warm, and the fun has begun! Today is our seventh day of classes, and that means we’re winding down the first two weeks of the session here at Hidden Valley! Classes are wrapping up, putting on final layers of glaze, finishing up their soldering, and melting and grouting and rehearsing, and more, so that every art project, dance performance, and song will be ready to share with the rest of camp!

Last night we had a beautiful pizza dinner, provided by our culinary crusaders, Chris and Lillian!! We had plain pizza, of course, in addition to camp classics like pesto tortellini, pepperoni, white cheese, and pepper and onion! Campers couldn’t get enough of the pizza, but don’t worry, Mom and Dad! We had salad for them, too!!

After our scrumptious dinner, we gathered in the cozy rec hall to watch Monsters University together! Campers were so excited to follow Mike and Sully through their wild freshman year at college!

This morning we had a fun-filled meeting! We faithfully observed Aloha Tuesday on this fine morning, check out the picture of our surfin’ staff down below!!

Also noteworthy, our meeting was in a slightly different place this morning… We met in the front yard instead of the backyard. Yet another sign of the Candy Drop, on this clear-skied day… What could it possibly mean? I’ll tell you one thing, folks! The Super-Official Olive Oyl Humming Bird Candy Drop Probability Rating of the Day is 91.13%!!!!!! Olive and I, in all of our candy expert-ness, are in ready position here in the office!!

And finally, here’s an update on our Community program!

On Saturday, Community took a trip to the Farmer’s Market, where each camper received $5.00, got assigned to teams, and took on the challenge of buying the ingredients to cook a delectable appetizer, main course, or dessert. The appetizer team made a salad with local cheese, apples, and greens from the garden they’ve been tending out at Blodgett. The main course crew fried some delicious tofu with Farmer’s Market mushrooms and kale. For dessert, they enjoyed a delicious strawberry shortcake!

Coming up, Community is beginning prep for the 3-day trip to Acadia next week! Stay tuned!

Olive and I have to go grab our pillow cases from our cabins now! Stay tuned for more updates on tonight’s Bazinga evening program, and our rapidly approaching Super Lazy Day!!

Chirp, chirp!

Humming Bird

Plus some extra photos from Wabanaki’s gnome cabin night!

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