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Racing Towards the End of the Road, and the End of Camp, on Fair Day!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Jonah was our first camper to cross the finish line!

Hello, hello, and good morning!

It’s Luna Bug here with the scoop on everything that’s been going on since Cara B. last reported in.

Yesterday’s evening program was the Alive Show, and it was the perfect way to end an amainezing day! Our teen program Alive has been working tirelessly for the past 4 weeks on creating and developing a wonderful show, which was performed in front of the entire camp last night. It was so cool to see a performance created by, written, and acted by our fellow campers! Brava, Alive!

After the show the PDs said goodnight to us, and we all headed back to the cabins. On that walk back, however, the excitement was palpable as everyone was thinking forward to- drum roll, please- FAIR DAY!

Today is Fair Day! It is a glorious day that happens two days before Departure Day every session where the Backyard and Front Yard are turned into a kind of small-scale fairground. Each cabin is assigned a booth, and the cabin mates and counselors run it in shifts throughout the course of the fair.

Right now, morning meeting just ended and each cabin is off to pack a bit, and then set up their booths. Here’s what everyone’s running:

Taj– Kiss-o-grams

Forbidden Planet– Fried Dough

Haley’s Comet– Ice cream

Atlantis & Treasure Island Drinks booth

Valhalla DJ

Camelot Boot Toss

Shangri-La Face painting

French Quarter Poop Shoot

Avalon Pillow Jousting

Gimme Shelter Chocolate Fountain

Paquatahnee Slip & Slide

Loons Sumo Wrestling

Wombles Jelly Bean Count

LCH Moon Bounce

Down Under Name Change

Awacs Pretzels

On top of all of this there will also be an art show with all of the work from the art classes this whole session, and from Alive’s art classes. It’s going to be an awesome morning, and my mouth is already watering thinking about the Fried Dough and other treats i’m about to eat…

However, before we get going on Fair Day activities we have something else that’s super cool to do- the Brumby Horse show! There are 5 campers who have lived in their own cabins around camp, but everyday have gone to the horse barn, worked to clean up stalls and take care of the horses, and then developed a routine to be performed today! After the packing and setup, the whole camp will file up to the horse barn to watch the campers perform. Then we’ll all head back down to the Backyard to begin our fair day!

Once the fair concludes we’ll all cleanup, and then head back to the cabins for a rest period. After that we’ll go to the Rec Hall to watch the camp slide show that’s a compilation of all the photos from this session! There also will be a showing of the videos from the video classes over this session. Then, we’ll all head to the Backyard for evening meeting, then dinner, and then after that it will be time for the Fair Day Dance!

What a day we have ahead of us!

Ciao for now,

Luna Bug

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