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Opposite Day AND The Bangor State Fair!

Monday, August 3rd, 2015


Hello, Kittens! Cat Nap here to report on today’s Lazy Day Festivities! Camp started the day with a late wake up, then headed over to the dining hall for a delicious breakfast (banana bread included! YUM!)! Soon afterwards, Cabin groups headed back to their cabins for a Super Cabin Cleanup so they would pass Cabin Inspections! After the floors were swept and the bunks were cleaned, we all went to the pool for Pool Activities.

Even I, a fluffy house cat, enjoyed a dip in the pool on this extremely hot day. As Pool Activities came to a close, we all grabbed a yummy lunch in the dining all, then Older Half and Younger Half went their separate ways (only for a little while, don’t worry!)

While Younger Half stayed on camp for “Opposite Day”, the Older Half went to the Bangor State Fair. Younger Half had a BLAST going on a slip and slide, backwards basketball (getting the ball through the hoop through the bottom of the net), backwards obstacle course, and “people care” instead of animal care (my personal favorite hehe).

BUT lets not forget about the Older Half’s trip to the Fair! We all arrived with excitement to get on some rides and empty bellies wanting to be filled with fried dough! We tackled the tilt-a-whirl, the “fireball”, the Ferris Wheel, and some of us even won some prices at booths! But of course we soon got tired and decided that going back to camp for some pizza dinner wouldn’t be such a bad idea šŸ™‚

Once we arrived back on camp we got together for morning meeting, followed by dinner (PIZZA YAY!!!!), and the best part of the day….KIM AND REGGIE ARE HERE FOR EVENING PROGRAM!!! Check out some pictures below from today’s amazing activities (more to come tomorrow :))! Humming Bird and I gotta go trampin’ with Kim, Reggie, and the rest of camp!

Have a purr-fecf evening!

– Cat Nap

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