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Mysterious Figures? Baby Food? And … Electives?

Saturday, July 12th, 2014
The glorious big spoon

The glorious big spoon

Hey everyone! Lady of the Lake posting on another spectacularly beautiful day. We’ve had picture perfect weather here at HVC – mid 70s and sunny. We couldn’t ask for more!

Evening meeting last night was full of surprises. Part way through, mysterious figures emerged on the roof of the dining hall, shrouded in black capes. Who are they? What are they doing? Where do they hail from? Will we find out tomorrow night, at the Wheel of Misfortune?

Last night’s meeting was also our baby food meeting! Once a session, we consume baby food – yes, the baby food that comes in a small jar – at a meeting. Peter asks for volunteers, and those folks are blindfolded in front of meeting. All of camp goes silent as Peter lifts the cap off the jar. We all listen for the seal of safety to come off. Then, Peter serves up the delicious meal! Yesterday’s flavors included ham and ham gravy, prunes, and beef and vegetable pilaf. After the volunteers have been served the delicious delicacies, they write down what their guesses as to what the flavor was. Each round, one lucky person gets an extra helping of the meal. After a few rounds of campers, AWACs and counselors go. One counselor got baby food poured all over him! At the end, Peter announced that if we wanted to see more, we’d have to show up to the Wheel on Sunday!

After dinner, we had Electives. Campers headed off to different activities, from Pirate Training (hosted by our Community Campers) to hanging out in the hot tub. Of course, there was a heated game of Capture the Flag, and Sardines, another classic. Some campers created delicious pizza cookies in the pizza oven, while others joined Brocahontas and Sporty McGee for some Brofessional Disc (Frisbee). For those campers who wanted a more art focused activity, there was mural painting, wood shop, jewelry making, fairy houses, tie dye, and glass beads. Other notable activities included a drum circle, friendship bracelets, liquid smoke (confused? That’s part of the mystery!), a dance party, skateboarding, revenge knockout, and tic-tack-toe.

The Taj campers were called out during the beginning of electives by a program director and Peter and sent to the front yard to meet their counselors. Believing they were in trouble, the group headed up Tipi Hill, only to find that their Taj Shirts were waiting at the  zip-line. The campers zipped down as the shirts were tossed at them. It was a great night, and all the campers are sporting their new shirts today.

Speaking of today – it’s Jake Day! This means that all of the cabins were filmed this morning doing their cabin cheers, and took a cabin photo. We also filmed loads at meeting, and will continue filming during the day. Be sure to be on the lookout for a camp dvd come winter!

We’re enjoying this fantastic day, and that’s all for now.

Until next time,

Lady of the Lake


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