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Wednesday, June 29th, 2016


Good morning, good moooooooooooorning! It’s a schvitzy Wednesday morning here at HVC, as we gear up for DAY THREE OF CLASSES!! But before we begin with that… let us tell you a little bit about last night!

We had a lovely night out on Deer Meadows Field at LLAMAPALOOZA! (Meg’s Rodeo? Well… both!) What on earth is that, Humming Bird and Miss Melody? Well, let us tell you! Llamapalooza/Meg’s Rodeo is a rolicking evening program of several stations. Each cabin group rotates around the stations, so everyone gets to do everything! What kind of stations? We’re getting there, we’re getting there!

We had Dizzy Bat (a very dizzy obstacle course!); a water balloon toss; blind llama sculpting (it’s like Pictionary, except with clay); elephant march (where we have to use our “trunks” to knock over cups!); a jammin’ game game where we had to dance to get ping pong balls out of boxes, which we had tied to our booties; a llama spit game, where we competed to see who could spit frozen pees the farthest; a frisbee toss; and rock-tree-bridge, which is HVC’s version of leap frog!

After every cabin group got through every rotation, we gathered back on the hill next to the pool to observe the COUNSELOR CHALLENGE! What’s that? Well, it’s sorta hard to explain, but we’ll try… one counselor from every cabin agrees to come up for the Challenge, which is a very accurate (but very speedy) simulation of a day. They get into our special sleeping bags (which look suspiciously like trash bags), and on the blow of the whistle they have to hop in their bags up to a line of costumes, put on their costumes quickly, eat a bowl of cereal without their hands, stand up, sing the alphabet backwards, take off their costumes, hop back in their sleeping bags to their original spots, and “go back to sleep.” The winner was AWAC Sam, of Lower Carriage House– well done, Sam!

It was a super exciting night, enjoy the photos! Tonight we’re looking forward to Electives! AND THEN…. tomorrow is the very first trip/lazy day! The younger half will venture out to Lake Saint George, while the older half stays behind for a water-themed day! It should be super exciting, so stay tuned for updates and photos!

We’re off to fill up water balloons… talk to you soon!

Humming Bird and Miss Melody



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