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IT’S THE WHEEL (prizes)!!

Saturday, August 15th, 2015


Hello, hello, hello!! Humming Bird here with Cat Nap and EXCITING NEWS! We had a cash-in on a Wheel prize at Morning Meeting, and we have the GRUESOME pictures to prove it!

Now before we tell you exactly what happened, we want to reassure you that the torture inflicted on our counselors is 100% willing and consensual. Our counselors volunteer different prizes they would be willing to subject themselves to, and today’s torture was no exception! Fiddlers Green got to wax Peter’s chest in front of the whole camp! Poor Peter’s screams could be heard all the way from the lake! Check out the pictures!

Later today Will is getting his hair straightened by a lucky cabin, and earlier this morning LCH got a tractor ride to breakfast by Ed! We’ll keep you posted on all the Wheel prize mayhem, so keep checking in!

After Meeting this morning Peter and the Program Directors talked to our campers who are 13 and older. What could they have been chatting about? Why, none other than our wonderful Teen Programs! Our oldest campers this year will have the opportunity next year of moving off Main Camp, and trying out any of our specialty programs! Their options are Community, Alive and Adventures! In Community they live at Blodgett House and make their own meals, and help out doing different community service projects! Alive is our arts program where campers learn about different art forms, and eventually write, direct, produce and perform their own show for the rest of camp! Our Adventures campers go on some incredible hikes, canoe trips and climbing excursions for a week at a time, and then come back to camp to tell us all about it! They’re all incredible options for our oldest campers!

Today is the camper/counselor basketball game! Our campers on the basketball team have been working super hard on their drills, and are ready to play against the dreaded TEAM X, which is jam packed with counselors, PDs, and even our very own Peter and Meg! All of our interest groups– even snack!– will take place around the basketball court so we can support and cheer on our athletes! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow! Until then, enjoy some pictures of our campers in their classes, and a special picture of our talented Shakespeare class campers and AWACs who put on an inspiring rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream last night!

This morning, Peter and Meg explained the winterization that will begin to happen over the next couple of days: the yurt will come down, the docks will come in, the ropes course will come down etc. To many campers, this is a reminder that the session is coming to a close, and that soon we’ll all be going back to our “real world” routines. That can bring up all sorts of emotions-nerves, sadness about leaving, excitement about going home etc. Sometimes, when we have all of these feelings it’s hard to handle them all, finish up camp, and say goodbye to our whole cabin all at once! But we also reminded campers that they have great resources for handling all of these emotions in their counselors, their fellow campers, and all of the directors around. We also reminded them that a lot of fun is packed into the last week of camp, and to enjoy it to the fullest! So now we’re prepping ourselves for one last week jam-stuffed-full of some amazing camp fun!

Cat Nap and I have to go practice shooting hoops now… our paws and wings aren’t great for sports, but we’re trying our best!

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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