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IT’S FAIR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And Lion King pictures!)

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015


Circle of life!

Circle of life!

Greetings, earthlings!! Humming Bird here with the pictures from The Lion King, as promised!! BUT FIRST!! I have the privilege of introducing our new Justin writer!! Her name is Cat Nap, and she’s not “kitten” around! (Geddit?? Like “kidding!” But “kitten” because she’s a cat!! Hahaha!) Cat Nap will be writing with me for the next session, and don’t worry… contrary to popular belief, cats and birds CAN work together (we hope!!) Now back to camper news!!

Check out some photos below of our incredibly talented cast of the musical last night!! They did an excellent job, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it!! Look at those theatrical thespian campers!

Last night at Evening Meeting we had another Wheel Prize!! What’s a Wheel Prize, you ask? Why, Wheel Prizes are the best! At the Wheel of Misfortune, every cabin gets a prize from a counselor! Prizes include getting to pie a counselor in the face, getting to turn a counselor into a sloth, or even a classic lullaby before bed! Last night, Down Under got to wash Elise’s beautiful hair with ANYTHING THEY WANT!! Their “shampoo” included ketchup, mustard and maple syrup! EW!! Check out pictures below of Elise’s new hair regimen!

TODAY IS FAIR DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every cabin is currently setting up their booths, so that Fair Day can start up in full swing at 11:45! Cabin booths will be as follows:
Forbidden Planet will provide us with yummy fried dough!
Taj Mahal will be making Kiss-O-Grams!
Wabanaki will dish out ice cream!
Deer Meadows will DJ our day!
Valhalla will run the marriage booth!
Avalon will hand out drinks so we can all stay hydrated!
Paquatahnee will man the chocolate fountain!
Fiddlers Green will be painting nails!
LCH will run pillow jousting!
Loons will do the poop shoot!
Gimme Shelter is facilitating sumo wrestling!
Chateau Fiasco will run the slip & slide!
Camelot will be painting our faces!
Wombles will regulate the moon bounce!
Down Under will be running the name changing station!
Shangri-La will take guesses in the Jelly Bean count!
French Quarter will be telling fortunes!
Bermuda Triangle will be drawing caricatures!
Halley’s Comet will run pony rides!
Community will be weaving the Earth Loom!
The AWACs will be running around with the pretzel cart!
We will also have non-cabin staff leading a horse-drawn carriage around camp, and the kitchen staff will provide us with yummy yummy hot dogs!

We started off this beautiful Fair Day with the first annual Hidden Valley Hill Run!! Selected, willing campers got up early this morning to eat breakfast at the wee hour of 7:45, after which they took a mile-and-a-half run together down Camp Road! Their run ended right in front of Camp Meeting, where the rest of the camp was energetically waiting to congratulate the athletes on their success!! Photos will go up of this wonderful new tradition later today!!

For now we have so many exciting and delicious and fun things to look forward to today, including the Brumby Horse Show!! Before we run off to enjoy our booths, we will all gather together at Deer Meadows Field to watch the Brumby campers demonstrate all their hard work this session! After waking up early to feed and care for the horses day after day, Brumby campers finally get to show the camp all the wonderful horse-y tricks they’ve learned and perfected during their time here! And the rest of camp will cheer and applaud their talent– with silent golf claps, of course!!

Stay tuned for pictures and more updates about Fair Day coming at you later today!!

We’re off to scrounge some pre-Fair food!!

Tweet, hum, meow!!

Humming Bird and Cat Nap

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