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Happy PJ Day!

Thursday, July 9th, 2015


Mmmmmorning folks, and a very happy pajama day to you all! Olive Oyl here with a quick dispatch on our laziest lazy day of the year.

We had a little sleep in this morning, munched on some delicious eggs and croissants for breakfast, and gathered for camp meeting (be sure to check out the awesome photos of some spectacular PJs!). No we’re off to lounge around at the pool until lunchtime. We’ll also be doing class sign-ups, getting our camp t-shirts, and picking out books!

This afternoon we’ll have a cabin clean, rest period, and a cabin day (imagine cabin night but during the day!) activity, which is sure to be a lot of fun. We’ll then gather back together to watch some videos that our video classes have produced these past two weeks. Then before we know it, it will be evening meeting and dinner time, before our fabulous evening program…Timmy Night! We’ll see all the rock band classes rock out at the gazebo and we’ll have a big outdoor dance party. Cant’ wait!

Check in later for more updates about our amazing performances from Sharing Night and hear all about cabin day details.

Ta ta for now,


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