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Happy Dress in the Dark Day and Cabin Night Scoop!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014
French Quarter's wacky wardrobe

French Quarter’s wacky wardrobe

Hi folks! Lady of the Lake here with a batch of news.

Yesterday at meeting, we celebrated both no mail, no meal, and aloha tuesday. For aloha tuesday, we honored one of our counselors who was wearing a spectacular tropical themed Hawaiian shirt. Our ukelele placed a lei on him and strummed a few chords.

Last night was cabin night! Each cabin participated in their own awesome night.

Avalon had an exciting egg drop from the upper carriage house. They crafted unique holdings for their eggs and then dropped them to see which strategies worked. The whole cabin had a lot of fun together.

Loons made t-shirts together. They got to decorate their shirts as they pleased, and now have a cool way to remember their cabin when they head back home in a week.

Wombles made pizza in the pizza oven, which is always a great way to spend a cabin night. They got to make their own pizzas and taste a whole number of different combinations, while spending some fun quality time together.

LCH had an egg catapult! First, though, they indulged in a delicious locally baked cake. Then, they shot eggs through Dear Meadows field using a catapult. It was the perfect combination of yummy treats and exciting activity.

Chateau Fiasco headed down the tipi zip together, all the while playing loads of other games. There was plenty of time for all the campers in the cabin to get to hang out and support each other down the zip-line.

Bermuda Triangle also did an egg drop, but from the treehouse. They, too, crafted apparatuses to carry their eggs safely to the ground. They had loads of fun both in designing and in dropping the eggs down.

Forbidden Planet also made pizza using our fantastic pizza oven. They got to experiment with all sorts of creations and then eat their amazing pies. There really is nothing better than home cooked pizza.

The Burrow had a lovely, relaxing night, drinking hot chocolate an playing various games. They all got to do a lot of hanging out and warm their stomachs simultaneously.

Down Under also made t-shirts to commemorate their time together this summer. They decorated their shirts in all different styles together, and enjoyed one another’s company.

French Quarter had a night around the campfire together. They made s’mores and had a blast together, munching on their dessert and hanging out.

Paquatahnee had a scavenger hunt around camp. Then, they got together and drank hot chocolate while making an awesome cabin banner.

Shangri-La did some light painting and then used their glowsticks to have an awesome dance party. They also munched down on some amazing cupcakes that their counselor baked for them.

Camelot baked cookies together, and while they waited for their cookies, played a rousing game of sardines.

Fiddler’s Green headed down to the lake, where they swam and made some s’mores. They enjoyed the last rays of sunshine from the day and got to splash around. Then, the treated themselves to some yummy s’mores.

Valhalla had a hot tub party, where they enjoyed the warmth of the tub and blasted some tunes. The crew had a lot of fun dancing and splashing around together.

Taj Mahal also indulged in an amazing locally baked cake, and then headed over to the pottery studio. There, they listened to some music and glazed the tiles they had previously made. When they finished, they headed outside for some basketball.

Alive spent their night playing Who’s Line is it Anyways in the Rec Hall. They had a lot of laughs as they played all together.

This morning, we woke up and participated in dress in the dark day. That’s where we all dress crazily, as if we’d gotten dressed in the dark. Check out the amazing photos of some of our wackiest outfits.

We also got to enjoy some fresh picked blueberries for breakfast today and yesterday. They came from a local farm, and a batch of them were even used to make a blueberry sauce for our pancakes. Yum!

At meeting, we had a special competition among some of the ropes staff. It’s a longstanding tradition that whoever reads the ropes staff does it quite rapidly. This morning, we had six members read the same list to see who could read it fastest. It was pretty exciting, and the winner is still contested.

We also had a special announcement from the Bermuda Triangle counselors. The four of them came up wearing various capes, and discussed the various terms for rain boots. It was a fantastic announcement that we all got a kick out of.

We’ve got some great evening programs coming up – tonight, we’ll be watching a movie, and tomorrow, we have electives. Stay tuned for more news!


Lady of the Lake


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