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Good Day Sunshine!

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Hey there! Olive Oyl here with lots of news for you! It’s another beautiful and sunny day here at Hidden Valley Camp, quite the perfect weather for our Tuesday traditions, No Mail No Meal and Aloha Tuesday. Campers will send a letter home as their ticket into dinner tonight and the most festive Hawaiian outfit will be honored tonight at evening program!

We had a fabulous lazy day yesterday, with the older half going to the beach and younger half staying on camp for Harry Potter Day. Some Hogwarts highlights were making potions, designing house crests on wooden blocks, harry potter puppetry, a herbology creek walk, and a scavenger hunt for horcruxes. The folks at the beach cooled off in the crisp water and sunbathed…how relaxing! Once everyone was back at camp, we reconvened for Valleyfest, the camper talent show. Due to the lovely weather, we held half of the show outside and then moved inside later on in the evening. There were 22 incredible acts, ranging from gymnastics to juggling to martial arts to rubik’s cube solving. There was also music, with guitar, ukulele, piano, and singing. And of course, lots of dancing, like “Gangnum Style” and “The Harlem Shake.” There were lots of laughs throughout the night, thanks to funny acts like voice impersonation and Potter Puppet Pals. All in all, it was a magical and restful day and campers are eager to continue with their classes today.

This morning we got a special musical treat, as the string quartet serenaded camp from the gazebo before morning meeting. The quartet will be having an open rehearsal this afternoon during interest groups and will be giving another performance this evening…I can’t wait! Speaking of the quartet, the folks in Alive got to spend some time with them yesterday, participating in a workshop in the afternoon and then hearing a special performance in he evening. Alive also made beautiful paper lanterns, be sure to check out the photos for a look!

Tonight we’re looking forward to some more fun with a Dance Through the Decades, where campers can come dressed in fashions from various eras, whether it be 80’s workout girl, 50’s greaser, 60’s hippie, or 70’s disco diva. There will also be tons of time period activities and of course some throwback dancing!

Don’t forget to check out  some awesome pictures!

Lots of love,

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