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First Day ‘O Classes!

Monday, June 29th, 2015


Goodmorning, folks! Olive Oyl here with your first day of classes news!

We had a lovely Pine Grove last night, held in the Rec Hall due to the schvitz, featuring lots of beautiful music, goofy stories, and old camp traditions. We gathered in the Front Yard for a procession to the Rec Halll, in a similar way as we do when we walk up Tipi Hill, which served as time to reflect in silence as we think about the amazing summer that lies ahead. We heard from most cabins on camp, with Valhalla doing the Pickle story, Wombles leading us in the Princess Pat, Loons with the Baby Shark song, and French Quarter doing the LL Bean song. We had Shangri-La with a twist on the Hermie the Worm story featuring a camper playing Saxophone and another playing the part of Hermie in a sleeping bag. Fiddler’s Green created an instant camp classic with the Burrito chant and LCH led us in the Pizza Man, an old camp favorite. We also had plenty of sing-a-longs, with Wabanaki leading Wagon Wheel, Taj with Build Me Up Buttercup, and Meg and Peter leading us in the round “Oh How Lovely Is the Evening.” It was a wonderful night full of time for reflection, looking towards the future, and sharing in camp traditions new and old.

After a day of schvitz, it was amazing to wake up this morning with some sunshine for our first day of classes! We had a super yummy breakfast of egg bar, sausages, fresh fruit, cereal and toast. After fueling up for the day, we gathered in the backyard for our first official camp meeting! We met all of the special characters for this summer, the Clean Queen who informs us about laundry schedules, the Snack-tronaut who helps us out with snack fifth period, and we’ll soon be meeting the Birthday Prom Queen! We also heard from Gimme Shelter with the Bird Fact of the Day, and of course Taj with Thought du Jour and Chateau Fiasco with the Spirit Animal of the Day!

Campers are currently in their first period classes, doing anything from Alpaca care to Ukulele. We’ll have a busy day of our new classes, join together for lunch, then have a much-deserved rest period, then off to fourth period and interest groups. This evening we’ll have Cabin Night, where cabins get a chance to bond, get to know one another and their counselors, and do something fun! More info and photos on cabin activities to come tomorrow. For now, check out some photos of the first day of classes and our adorable camp animals!

With love,



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