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Dancing to the Moon and Back Again!

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Camelot ladies!


Luna Bug buzzing in for the morning report. It’s a bit cloudy today, but with a chance of Candy Schvitz, so we’re all smiles on the 5th day of classes.

Last night we had the wonderful Outer Space Dance! It was out of this world…haha! Oh man, I crack myself up sometimes! The whole camp went over to the rec hall to get the dance started after a       D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S barbecue dinner. DJ Jacob got the tunes going while we had a bunch of activities surrounding the area, like Saturn Ring Toss, Knock Out the Alien Toss, Build Your Own Spaceship, Man from Mars, and Paint Your Own Meteor. We danced until we just couldn’t anymore, and then headed off to bed.

Did anyone order a pizza? Back it up, what? A few hours before the dance there was an unusual occurrence: a Dominoes pizza delivery! Chateau Fiasco received this surprise delivery during their rest period because…well, honestly, we’re not sure why. Check out the photos below of the Chateau pizza party!

After the busy day yesterday we’re on to yet another one today. As always, there was some candy drop conspiracies shared at meeting. Lyle from Wombles had a pretty good theory: When the AWACs taped the candy bags to a window on camp, they have been slowly falling down. Today, only one remains taped up. Lyle predicts that when it drops it will be the day of the candy drop. Sounds pretty good to me!

It’s the Staff Talent Show tonight, which should be pretty awesome to see what all of our amazing counselors are able to do.

Ciao for now!

Luna Bug

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