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Cabin Prep and the Pizza Dragon

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Under the HV-Sea

Hey everyone! Lady of the Lake and Olive Oyl reporting in.

It’s hard to believe that camp is finally upon us. We’ve had a beautiful last day of staff training and have been putting the final touches on our camp preparation. Earlier this evening, every cabin’s counselors and AWACs worked together to make chore charts, shower schedules, and mailboxes for their cabins. Each cabin has a theme for the session: The Burrow’s theme is Mythical Creatures, Wabanaki’s is the Cosmic Wobbies, Loons’s is the Spirit Pizza, Wombles’s is the Wombots, Fiddler’s Green’s is the Fiddlers Fairies, Dear Meadows’s is the Adventurers, French Quarter’s is A Bug’s Eye View, Lower Carriage House’s is Monsters, Forbidden Planet’s is Shipwreck, Camelot’s is Sisters of Camelot, The Bermuda Triangle’s is Survivors, Brumby’s is Horsie Hippies, Valhalla’s is the Animal Kingdom, Avalon’s is Adventures Around the World at HVC, Paquatanee’s is Private Eyes, Shangri-La’s Under the HV-Sea, and finally, Taj’s is the Twilight Zone. The counselors and AWACs have been decorating their cabins accordingly. We can’t wait to see what these cabins do this session.

Tomorrow is finally arrival day! We’ll be out in the backyard, greeting families and buses as they arrive. They’ll be activities going on, too, like making friendship bracelets and playing frisbee. We’ll also have updates tomorrow on Justin and Facebook, so be sure to stay posted.

We couldn’t be more excited.

Until tomorrow,

Lady of the Lake and Olive Oyl

P.S. Make sure to check out the awesome pictures of the dragon on our new pizza oven! Counselors have been hard at work sculpting the fantastic creature, and their work has certainly paid off.


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