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Cabin Prep and Looking Forward to Meeting our Campers!

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015
Sequoia working on some stained glass

Sequoia working on some stained glass

Howdy, folks! Olive Oyl here with some more news for you!

It’s been an exciting time here at camp as counselors have received their cabin assignments and co-counselors and have fully moved into their homes for the first session. We’re getting acquainted with our co-counseling staff, attending meetings dealing with issues specific to our age groups, and brainstorming fun cabin themes.

On Monday night we had Blue Book Night, where we got the chance to chat about our incoming campers both with our current co’s and with returning staff who have worked with them previously. We also got the chance to get to know the living habits and personalities of our counseling team as we prepare to live and work with each other for the first session.

Yesterday was a beautiful warm and sunny day, which gave our lifeguards the perfect opportunity to do the big lake swim to complete their lifeguard training. We’ve also been busy prepping our new and expanding areas, like glass blowing and archery, which we’re really looking forward to exploring this summer. We’re also currently in the process of naming one of our new baby alpacas (campers will name the other new fellow when they arrive) through a voting system. Current names up for debate are Olive (my personal favorite), Nugget, and Tyrion. We’ll see what the counselors decide on and what the campers come up with when they arrive!

We’ve got some more trainings and meetings happening today, and an exciting night approaching with the Staff Talent Show! We’re super psyched to see what the staff has in store for us– lots of music and laughs are surely guaranteed.

More photos and news to come as we count down the days until the campers arrive!



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