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Cabin Nights, Schvitzy Mornings, Lots of Fun Ahead!

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Kitty time!

Good morning, one and all! Olive Oyl here keeping nice and warm and dry on this Thursday morning. As I like to say, a little schvitz never hurt anyone and humans are waterproof anyway.

We had an exciting afternoon yesterday with the soccer game at interest groups, featuring hot dogs and Blue Sky cola. It was a fierce match, with a tie at one point that led us into overtime. We had awesome goals by Anthony and Yuval, and ultimately the blue team came out on top. Although at HVC, we’re all winners and everyone played an awesome game. There’s more sports excitement to come with the basketball game in a few days time.

At evening meeting there were even more shenanigans with Wheel Prizes! Kev got the pleasure of getting his chest waxed alongside Jacob who walked away with silky smooth legs after a lovely wax. Leah became a human sundae…yum!! Be sure to check out all the photos in all their glory.

And last night we had an amazing night with most of camp doing Cabin Night.

Loons made Tie-Dye t-shirts

Wombles decorated t-shirt with sharpies

Avalon got to ride on Tipi Zip and did an egg drop

LCH played sardines in the Red Barn and got to ride on the Green Pig

Bermuda Triangle had an Olympics night on the soccer field

Chateau Fiasco made glass beads

The Burrow did sandblasting

Down Under had a scavenger hunt to tie-dye t-shirts

Paquatahnee watched a movie and munched on popcorn in the Foothills

French Quarter went up to Tipis, made brownies, and designed t-shrits

Gimme Shelter did glass fusing

Wabanaki got to make delicious pizza in the pizza oven

Fiddler’s Green had a spa night in the sauna at the pool

Valhalla did some yoga in the Old Dance Studio and had a photo shoot with Eden

and last but not least…

Haley’s Comet made cookies for the horses and themselves

What an incredible evening full of tons of fun!

Our older cabins, Shangri-La, Camelot, Taj Mahal, Deer Meadows, and Forbidden planet all had a teen party up at Blodgett House with Community. The Community campers showed the other teens around their space, everyone had a little bit of ice cream, hung out and listened to music.

This morning we woke up to the lovely sound of schvitz falling on our cabin roofs, which was nothing that a little hot chocolate at breakfast couldn’t fix. With warm bellies we headed over to the Rec Hall for meeting and are now going about our classes for the day (with our schvitz gear on). Tonight will be electives, with all our fabulous activities most likely taking place indoors. They’ll be art, music, dance, and general silliness. More details on all the festivities tomorrow!

In the meantime, enjoy all the photos and stay tuned!

Lots of love,

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