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Cabin Inspections, Movie Night, and the 7th Day of Classes

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
Twin candy drop!!!

Twin candy drop!!!

Hey friends! It’s Lady of the Lake with more news for you all!

Yesterday’s lovely morning activities were followed by great afternoon ones. While the Older Half cleaned their cabins, the Younger Half had pool activities. Pool activities happen every lazy day for one half of the camp, and give campers a great time to relax, cool off, and hang out by the pool and do fun activities around Dear Meadows. There are always the classics like making friendship bracelets, reading circles, slip and slide and of course, swimming. Yesterday was a perfect day for everyone to take a dip, either at Lake St. George or at the pool.

At meeting, we heard the results of the cabin inspections. The Younger Half cabins were inspected by a dinosaur and her keeper trying to find a new home (two counselors dressed in quite the costumes). Some highlights of the inspection were that the dinosaur and her keeper decided that Wombles was the messiest, Loons the smelliest, LCH had the best bathroom, French Quarter was the most colorful, and that Fiddler’s is where the dinosaur was going to move in.

The Older Half Cabins were inspected by two gymnasts trying to find the best location for their gym. Among the highlights they decided that Taj was the most eerily quiet, while Deer Meadows was certainly the scariest cabin. In the end, they decided that the gym would be best placed in either Wabanaki or Shangri-La.

Then, after meeting, we headed to the dining hall for a delicious lazy day meal of pizza and colorful salad bar. Our dining hall cooks make mean pizzas in all different varieties, like Hawaiian, veggie, and white. Because it was a lazy day, we ate outside on picnic tables and under the apple tree, enjoying the sunshine after a few days of schvitz.

In true lazy day style, we had a relaxing evening program watching The Emperor’s New Groove. It was a hit among the campers, that’s for sure. And of course, the movie featured something all of us at HVC can really relate to – a llama.

After we were set in our cabins last night, we had an incredible flash thunderschvitz. For about five minutes, it poured outside, setting the perfect tone for a relaxing sleep. This morning when we woke up, it was sunny and bright once more, and so today is sure to be a spectacular day. And there was the egg bar and biscuits for breakfast, so that perfect start to a day guarantees that the rest will be great.

For morning meeting we celebrated Aloha Tuesday, which of course happens every Tuesday. Campers and counselors dress in Hawaiian shirts and skirts for the day. We also summoned the spirit animal of the day, which was the spirit of campers searching Dear Meadows for candy drop candy. Tuesday also means that it’s No Mail, No Meal! Campers will surely be writing letters during rest period to send, and if they forget, there are always postcards outside the dining hall!

We have an exciting day ahead of us, now that we are back to classes. Today is the 7th day of classes, which means that after tomorrow we’ll be picking new ones! Tomorrow’s an especially lazy Lazy Day (Pajama Day), where in addition to picking new classes, we’ll be greeting two-weeker arrivals, doing cabin day activities, and hanging by the pool. Stay posted tomorrow for news from our exciting evening program tonight and everything else that is happening here at HVC.

Until then,

Lady of the Lake

P.S. Our Tipi Village campers and counselors are currently exploring Acadia National Park, so stay tuned for some more Tipis photos. In the meantime, check out the following photo from their cabin night a few nights ago!

Enjoying some s'mores during cabin night at Tipi Village.

Enjoying some s’mores during cabin night at Tipi Village.

P.P.S. Finally check out the Candy Drop pictures! There are some really awesome ones…

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