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Sunday, August 9th, 2015


Hi Kittens! Cat Nap here with a late night post on my personal FAVORITE evening program, THE.WHEEL.OF.MISFORTUNE!!!! This month’s theme of the wheel was “The Antarctic Blob”. BUT just to give you a just brief description of this mysterious theme…imagine a group of people drilling for oil and not caring about how this would effect the precious Antarctic environment. Now, this is where “The Blob” comes in. This is no ordinary Blob, THIS Blob becomes so angry with the Oil Drillers that he EATS THEM WHOLE!

They soon realize that drilling for oil probably isn’t the best idea so they decide to leave, but they bump into a few problems along the way…..For example, The Blob has eaten their mechanic so they can’t get their car to start, and one of their workers who has the keys to the car as well….Now this is when the camper’s help is needed!

Gruesome, our favorite monster, helps Peter choose a select number of victims for each activity! Some of the activities included: Getting a hazmat suit out of a block of ice, Bobbing for fish (sweetish fish candy! don’t worry!), Trying to find shoes that fit on two of the Oil Drillers, Covering the Oil Drillers in shaving cream to “blend into the snow” to hide from the Blob, Looking for the “lost nuts and bolts” in oil (melted chocolate!), Looking for “lost keys” in a tub of “Blob Slime” using only their feet, and last but not least, sibling teeth flossing!

Some of the lucky winners (and even some “losers” sometimes!) get to stay on stage and choose between two envelopes that may or may not have prizes from counselors inside! Some prizes included cupcakes for the campers in a winning cabin, having a counselor clean an entire cabin, letting a cabin make a smoothie of any edible food for a counselor to drink of the cabin’s choice, and even having a counselor sing a cabin a song before bedtime! But thats not all a camper could potentially get 🙂 If a camper said “THE MAGIC WORD!!!!!”, one of our lovely AWACs would pie the camper in the face! You gotta love The Wheel Of Misfortune!

Now, you must be thinking to yourselves “but what happened to the Oil Drillers?” and I am happy to tell you! The Oil Drillers make it out alright (well most of them anyway), and brought our night of craziness to a close by setting a small shack on fire!!!! A controlled fire (don’t worry 🙂 )! After we put the fire out, we thought it was time for a little dancing!!! The whole camp broke out into a DANCE BLOB (get it like “dance mob” but “dance blob”..? You’re right Humming Bird would not be proud…)!!!!

After our dance party, we all began to wind down, sleepiness slowly taking over….

Thanks for reading our late night post! Have a purr-fect evening!

– Cat Nap

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