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Arrival Day! Hooray!

Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Reunited and it feels so good!

Hello! It’s Mama Iguana here to give you an exciting update on our successful arrival day! Campers arrived via planes, trains, and automobiles throughout the day. Almost every camper is now settled into their cabins, getting a good first nights sleep in their new cozy homes. Let me tell you all about our fun first day of camp!

Campers who arrived last night or early this morning hung out all morning in the front yard making name tags and friendship bracelets, playing frisbee and board games, and of course, singing and playing guitar! As cars rolled up to the office, our fabulous super greeters yelled out the cabin names and counselors came rushing to the office to greet their new campers!

After a morning full of super greeting and super front yard fun, campers and some visitors had a lovely lunch. Some parents chose to stay and have one last meal before heading on their way back home! Semi-full cabins then headed back to their cabins for their first rest period of the session! Campers were able to finish unpacking, take a little nap after a long travel day, and get to know their cabin mates!

The bell was ringing later in the afternoon for all of camp to gather back in the front yard to welcome the buses! Campers rolled off the buses one by one, being welcomed by Peter, Meg, and our lovely cabins! Everyone was anxiously waiting for the buses because once they came, we had our first evening meeting of the session! The program directors acted as the four elements and there was fire, buckets of water, hopping off roofs, and pie-ing one of our pro-staff in the face! All of this craziness was the perfect way to welcome all our new campers to the beginning of second session!

After fried chicken and carrot cake (yum!) for dinner, everyone headed to the rec hall for opening night skits! Three of our counselors, James, Rob P., and Cate, also known as Patricia, Vivian, Lillian, put on a great show to welcome everyone to camp and introduce all the classes offered this two weeks. Counselors went up in between acts to introduce themselves and let the campers know what classes they were teaching and what period that class will be offered. There are so many fun classes available this session, maybe I’ll sneak my own name onto one of the attendance lists… Anyways, tomorrow when campers are signing up for classes, there will be white boards at each booth reminding campers of the classes available for each period. Big shoutout to our opening night skit crew and their hilarious, random, and intriguing storyline that kept the night going!

Tomorrow, we have orientation day! Campers will be signing up for classes, doing swim evaluations, checking in with the health lodge, and taking photos to send back home! Make sure to tune in tomorrow to hear all about the excitement of orientation day! Also take a look at photos from arrival day below!

Time for bed! Night, night… Sleep tight!

Mama Iguana


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