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A Tour Of Last Night’s Festivities!

Sunday, August 9th, 2015


Good morning, tourists! Humming Bird and Cat Nap here! We’ve got lots to go through today, so let’s get started!! We’ll begin our tour of HVC’s news at the Annual Montville Two Mile Down Hill Race! We had 40 participants from camp, all of whom ran the race in a stunning display of athleticism, and some of whom even ranked in the top three for their respective age groups! Check out the photo below of our runners!!

Continuing on with the tour, if you look to your left you’ll see something quite odd. As we stand now in last night’s Evening Meeting– WHAT’S THAT ON THE ROOF??? Could it be a Yeti?? Oh no! He’s jumped off, and now he’s running off down Camp Road! What could it all mean??

And now, what’s this?? The Alive campers and counselors are protesting right through our Meeting!! Folks, this is a first! Never before on one of my tours have my tourists ever seen such interruption! This could only mean one thing…. THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE IS AFOOT!! Cat Nap and I cannot reveal what we know of what is to come tonight, but we can tell you this: Our sources have warned us that indeed, there is something creeping on camp. Beware, one and all.

Of course, you’re all totally safe here on my virtual tour! So let’s now continue on!

On a more “normal” note, last night’s Evening Meeting held in store for our five-year campers a distinct honor! Those campers who have been a part of our community here for five years received their five year vests! These campers have been a constant here at Hidden Valley, and the vests are a small token of our gratitude for their consistent contribution to our community, and their loyalty to this camp that means so much to so many! So thank you, fifth-year campers!

Continuing our tour– hurry up! There’s a bathroom a little further on, you can make it!– we now come to CANDY CRUSH!! Last night our youngest campers played this game of wit, determination, and pure hunger. They helped Grandma Nut take back the candies that Willy Wonka had stolen from her, in an attempt to sell them as his own! They completed activities and searched through the grassy fields– BUT BEWARE OF WONKA’S OOMPA LOOMPAS! In the end the campers were able to defeat the evil Wonka, and returned the candy to Grandma Nut! Well done, campers! Cabin Night activities also went swimmingly, so check out photos of that below!

We will end our tour of last night’s antics with the Teen Party!! The party up at Blodgett was a huge success! There was a tour– much like this one– of the Blodgett House, where the apprentices live! After welcoming our oldest campers to the house, the Apprentices led some frog catching in the pond, Whiffle Ball, Frisbee, a cozy campfire, friendship bracelet making, and of course the classic ICE CREAM SUNDAES!

Thus concludes our tour of Hidden Valley! Thanks for joining us!

Cat Nap and I are off to interview The Blob…

Chirp, Hum, Meow,

Humming Bird and Cat Nap



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